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3 Cool Features to Install in Your Shop That Could Help Attract New Customers

Has your business found itself struggling to pull new customers through the front doors lately? If you believe you have a strong business model and good branding but still find it difficult to draw in foot traffic and attract potential customers to your storefront, it may be time to refresh the look and feel of your physical shop. The good news is that refreshing your store exterior and installing attractive new features doesn’t have to be overly costly, time-consuming or burdensome. For starters, take a look at these three cool features that could help you draw in new customers without blowing up the company budget.

1. Revolving Doors

When a store has Boon Edam revolving doors, customers may be more interested in stopping in to browse the merchandise. Having revolving doors can add a cosmopolitan touch to your storefront and may help lend the shop an aura of elegance as well. If this is something that would fit well with your branding, consider getting new doors installed and then holding a grand reopening for your store!

2. Free Samples at the Entrance

If you’ve ever tried offering free samples at your store entrance before, you know that nothing draws in new customers quite like the opportunity to test out the merchandise for free. Depending on how much your budget can handle, you could offer free samples once in a while or choose to make them a regular occurrence. Offering samples is not only a great strategy for getting pedestrians to stop and check out your store, but can also generate a lot of word-of-mouth marketing, which could in turn bring in even more new business.

3. Attractive Window Displays

Outdated or off-brand window displays can quickly turn off would-be customers, so making sure your store windows are up to date is essential. You don’t need to go all out for a fancy display, but you may want to make sure your display is clean, crisp, on-brand and attractive. Consider putting up:

  • Mannequins or display objects
  • Sales posters
  • New and in-demand inventory

Having a sleek, attractive storefront is a key component in helping to drive up foot traffic to your shop and bringing in new customers on a regular basis. If it’s been some time since you last changed your window displays or upgraded your store entrance, now could be the perfect time to make a few targeted changes. You can install revolving doors, offer free samples and put up eye-catching displays to help encourage potential customers to come on into your business.

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