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4 of the Top Sought After Handyman Services

Cheap handyman services Singapore often have a specialization in a specific field. However, most of them tend to be jacks of all trades and therefore do a little bit of everything, for instance, plumbing, electrical, tile installation, painting, water heater installation, drilling, and power washing. A handyman gets this name because these experts are so good at many different trades and crafts.

Despite there being numerous handy jobs and crafts, some are more in demand than others. For a handyman to be valuable and useful to you as a service provider, they ought to provide the services that are in high demand. You may wonder what some of these services are, so here is a list of what a handyman does in Singapore.

1. Drywall installation

If you have ever asked yourself what are the most requested handyman services? Then drywall installation comes top on this list. A professional will have specialization in installing new drywall during a home remodeling. You might also need new drywall because of water damage.

Generally, your handyman should have all the equipment needed for measuring, cutting, and installing drywall boards inside your home. Most importantly, they should do so with precision and skill.

2. Interior and exterior painting

Another common handyman service that your handyman should be skilled in is interior and exterior painting. Painting a house is not an easy feat, and it is intensive, especially if painting an occupied home. Typically, homeowners and property managers utilize painting services to improve the appearance of a house before it’s sold.

Increased curb appearance gives you a good return on your investment since you’ll sell your home sooner for much more. The handyman should easily give you a clean, pleasant finish using tools such as paint rollers and furniture covers.

3. Tile installation

Tile installation is another in-demand service that your handyman should be specialized in. The installation can be done over a pre-prepared subfloor. However, many people assume that tile installation is simple. It’s just laying down the adhesive, smoothening it out, and putting the actual tile over this. This is not true. There is so much more that goes into installation, especially if you want neat, professional-looking results.

For instance, a skilled individual will be meticulous when measuring the floor space to ensure that the tiles match the installation area. The laying of the tiles also needs to be precise to avoid wasted space and any crooked layout. Additionally, non-vitreous tiles will need to be sealed correctly to prevent them from absorbing water.

4. Window repairs

Windows breaking is common in most homes. Glass breaks very quickly as it is fragile, and window frames are not as solid or sturdy. A handyman should be able to provide quality window repair services at a reasonable rate.

This type of service includes repairing or replacing the frame and replacing the actual glass from the window. If your windows are non-standard, you might want to work with a professional.

Having a handyman on speed dial will be very convenient, especially in the case of an emergency. Before choosing one, interview several potential service providers or ask for referrals from friends and family.

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