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5 Advantages Of Carpet Over Hardwood Floor

If you are in the market for carpeting, then one of the first things you will need to decide before making a purchase is whether or not carpeting is better than hardwood flooring.

The carpet vs. hardwood debate has been raging on ever since carpeting was introduced, which makes sense considering they are both popular choices when it comes to flooring. However, carpet does have some advantages over hardwood that may make it the better choice for you depending on your circumstances. Read these 5 carpets buying guide benefits below to find out if carpet is right for you.

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1. Available In More Styles & Colors

Another carpet vs. hardwood floor benefit is carpet’s versatility, which hardwood does not have. While there are carpet styles and colors to suit nearly every taste and decorating scheme, the same cannot be said about hardwood flooring where many homeowners find themselves limited to a few basic options.

2. Carpeting Adds Comfort & Insulation

While carpet isn’t perfect in terms of insulation and comfort, carpet padding can add much more thermal insulation than hardwood flooring since carpet is much thicker and better at trapping air between the fibers. This means carpet keeps your feet warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

3. Carpeting Is Ideal For Kids Or Pets

If carpet will be in a high foot traffic area where children or pets play, then carpet is ideal since it is more durable and easier to clean than hardwood flooring. However, if you have kids or pets that have a tendency to track dirt into the house, then carpet is better since it can hide dirt more easily.

4. Easy To Install

While carpet installation isn’t necessarily difficult, it does take some time to properly install carpeting compared with the ease of laying down hardwood flooring. This means carpet installation overall only adds a few hours onto your overall project and significantly reduces labor costs.

5. Carpet Prices Are On The Decline

While carpet prices have always been higher than hardwood flooring, carpet costs are on the decline due to carpet being more popular and carpet manufacturers reducing carpet quality to keep their products affordable.

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