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5 Best Ways to Keep Common Household Pests at Bay 

Remember that typical household pests can cause significant damage to the foundation of a house and expensive wooden materials – furniture, door, and windows. A pest infestation immensely affects the beauty of a residential property and brings down its value. To keep disease-spreading insects or pests such as ants, roaches, bugs, rodents, wasps, and spiders out of your home effectively, take appropriate steps.

Taking precautionary measures in time can help you protect your abode from an infestation of destructive pests. Get in touch with Sun Prairie pest control company experts if you find it extremely challenging to exterminate pests inside and outside your house. Certain conditions favor a pest infestation in a home.

Keep reading to become aware of vital steps that you need to follow to get rid of annoying minuscule creatures in your home.

Trim Trees and Reduce Mulch

People who routinely trim or prune trees and shrubs in their garden or around their homes can easily bring down the risk of a pest infestation. You should do the same, too, if you do not want to share your residential space with damage-causing and disease-transmitting pests. It’s better not to use mulch in those areas that are in close contact with your house’s foundation. One of the best resting or dwelling spots for pests is a garden bed consisting of mulch.

Keep windows and Doors Closed.

Do not delay repairing or replacing a broken window or door because common household insects and pests can effortlessly enter your home even through tiny holes, gaps, or cracks. Wherever you go for a family vacation, do not forget to keep all windows and doors in your residence correctly sealed. Otherwise, you may find after returning that pests have taken over your house.

Dispose of Waste Items Properly

Household pests are quite drawn to garbage and waste. Hence, it is imperative for a homeowner and other family members to dispose of trash in a suitable manner. Ensure you regularly remove debris and clean waste bins. Use trash cans with tight-fitting lids as these do not appeal much to pests. You should weekly inspect your garden, decks, patios, and garage to remove plant clippings, leaf litter, and stagnant water.

Regularly Clean Drains

Blocked or clogged drains in a house are ideal dwelling places for most of the common household pests. You should not allow the accumulation of debris and gunk in drains. Whenever you get spare time, conduct an inspection and remove unwanted substances from your sink, floor, bathroom, and basement drains.

Keep Edibles in Airtight Jars/Containers 

Pests like rodents with an exceptional sense of smell can instantly infest the kitchen or any other area of a house where occupants keep food items in open jars. Members of a family could suffer from health disorders if they consume the food, which germs and bacteria-carrying rats and mice contaminate. It is prudent to store edible items in reusable and airtight containers to keep them fresh and safe. Ensure you clean the pantry well every time and dispose of spoiled food properly.

Final Words

To keep the risk of a pest infestation in your residential property at bay, regularly inspect your house’s indoor and outdoor and duly carry out the aforementioned activities. Also, seek assistance from professional exterminators at a reputable pest control company if it’s overwhelming for you to bring an end to an infestation of pests in your home.

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