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5 different types of windows for your Home

Windows are of various shapes and sizes. Depending upon the style, and design of your home they comprise various advantages and disadvantages. Homeowners need to dig deeper when it comes to choosing the right kind of windows for their homes. They need to think about the cost factor while selecting the style of the window.

Hence, when you are making an important decision about window replacement, you need to choose wisely. Not only it will offer you the best return on investments, but also meet your objectives such as lighting, ventilation, functionality, and cost factor.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are sometimes referred to as crank windows since they open right or left with the help of a hinge. Casement windows are comprised of strong sealant that provides sufficient protection from harsh weather elements along with preventing natural heat from escaper or enter into your home. Additionally, casement windows also offer a great amount of natural airflow when they are being opened.

However, while choosing casement windows for your home, you need to keep in mind the design factor. You also need to match the style of your building along with each other.

Single or Double-Hung Windows

These types of windows are the commonest types of window replacement options available in every home. Single or double-hung windows open vertically and the only difference between them is that single hung opens from the bottom half.

Another advantage of single or double-hung windows is that they offer good lighting and ventilation along with easy cleaning. However, single-hung windows are relatively cheaper than double-hung windows and you need to maintain them well for proper functioning.

Bay Windows

Bay windows add an interesting and functional feature to your home since they are grouped with each other. Bay windows meet at the angles along with being curved. Bay windows are perfect if your building has a curved design.

The important feature of a bay window is that the middle portion remains fixed while the left and right sides can be of casement or any other windows.


Skylight is a great window replacement option that provides sufficient entry of natural light into your room. As the name suggests, skylights are built into the roof. However, you can design your skylight to be vented or fixed depending upon your choice and design.

The main advantage of installing skylights is that these types of windows offer natural light in your home.

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