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5 Reasons to Buy a House in the Austin Area

A house for sale in Austin, Texas.

Has an opportunity arisen for you to move to Austin, Texas? Maybe a company offered you a better job, maybe your loved one wants you to move closer, and maybe you just want to change things up a bit. All those are more than legitimate reasons for you to move to Austin! But, what about buying a house there? Is that a good idea? Well, if you ask us, that is a great idea! The real estate market is thriving in Austin more than ever before, and, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. But, that is not all – there are many other reasons to buy a house in the Austin area this year. And, we are going to mention 5 of them. So, if this is something you are interested in, just keep on reading. 

1. The Economy is Healthy 

Maybe one of the most important reasons for buying a house in the Austin area is a healthy economy. According to recent research, the city of Austin has the fastest growing economy in the entire USA. Moreover, the unemployment rates are also low – currently, they are less than 2%. This is a very significant fact because the unemployment rates in the rest of the country are above 4%. 

Let us keep up with the statistics. During the last year only, there has been an increase in job growth (3.5%). And, the experts believe that there will be more than 15,000 job openings this and the next year. So, if you are somebody who is in need of a good job (mostly in tech, economy, health care, and retail) be sure to try your luck here. With the high salary that you will be offered here, your only worry in the world would be how to conduct a home remodeling.

2. The Cost of Living is Low 

Another great reason to buy a house in the Austin area, that is, another great reason to move to the Austin areas is low cost of living. We know – high salaries and low cost of living sound just too good to be true. But, let us clarify this a bit. Namely, the cost of living in Austin, Texas is very close to the national average. But, high salaries and low taxes make up for that. Moreover, things like groceries and entertainment options are also on the cheaper side (if you avoid the city center). 

So, if you want to move to a place that will allow you to live comfortably, there is no place better than Austin. Moreover, don’t let moving concern you either – professional and long-distance movers will ensure an easy transfer of your household

3. There Are Plenty of Real Estate Options to Choose From 

Have we persuaded you to buy a house in the Austin area? If we have – amazing! But, if we haven’t, let us share some more reasons why we thing this is a good idea. For instance, one of those reasons is the variety of home available on the market. It is true – in Austin, you can find anything from studio apartments in the city center, to family bungalows in the suburbs. Just make sure to find an experienced real estate agent, and he (or she) will be able to find you a home of your dreams in no time. 

However, let us warn you that there is a big demand for houses in Austin! Soon, the entire real estate market will become seller’s market! And, you know what that means – less inventory and more expensive homes. Right now, as we speak, you can buy a house in Austin for approximately $401,999, but, according to experts, that number will soon rise (and it will rise a lot). 

4. Quality of Life is Good 

If all the things mentioned above were not enough to persuade you to call professional movers such as those from, relocate to Austin, and buy a house there, we don’t know what will. Well, we do know – another great thing about this city is the quality of  life it provides to its residents. According to the US News & World Report, Austin is proclaimed to be the number one place to live not only in Texas but also in the entire USA. 

No matter what you enjoy doing, be sure that you will find it here. After all, there is a reason why Austin was also proclaimed to be one of the top entertainment and sports centers. One this is for sure – you, your little ones, and everybody around you will have a blast here. So, don’t hesitate to move here. 

5. The Population is Rapidly Growing 

Currently, there are around 965.872 people living in Austin. And, each year, approximately 61,586 people immigrate to Austin. So, you know what this means – Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. We already mentioned what are the most important reasons why so many people relocate and decide to stay there for good – thriving economy, high-paying jobs, affordable living, and a variety of real estate. But, besides that, Austin is a also a city in which life is just good, education is top-notch, medical system is developed, and where there is always something fun to do on those days off. And, yes, there are many advantages and disadvantages of buying a house here, but, we are sure that there are the ‘pros’ are winning. 

But, there is no guarantee that all the things mentioned above will stay the same. Just like mentioned before, the inventory of houses will soon decrease and their prices will rise. There is also a chance that more and more people will immigrate to the city and that quality of life will lower. However, you should not be worries about it that much. If you want to move to Austin, and if you want to buy a house in Austin, now is the time. 

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