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5 simple tips for maintaining a dry basement

Basements of a house are highly susceptible to moisture damages. When you have left your basement untreated, it will cause different issues. From foundational problems to mold growth, moisture may result in several adverse effects. Try to stay vigilant and take care of the basement. There are some easy ways to prevent moisture problems with your basement.

Control the humidity level –

Make sure that the humidity level for the indoor air ranges from 30 to 50%. When the humidity level is higher than 50%, you will find a condensation issue. On the contrary, low moisture content makes the air very dry. The smartest option for you is to invest in a dehumidifier. The device will check the humidity level in the basement and prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Use sealant for your windows –

Inspect your window frames for potential leakage. You may notice warped sills through which water can pass easily. In due course, the caulk near the windows starts showing damaging signs. It will get crumbled.

The easiest and most affordable solution to this problem is to reseal your windows. There is no need to make replacements. Install new caulks to keep the basement safe from weather elements.

Let the water flow outside your house –

After heavy rainfall, you find the basement floor becoming damp. It indicates that there is a drainage issue. You have to level out your yard to direct rainwater away from the foundation. This grading effort will solve your standing water problem in the basement and yard. However, you may also use rain gutters for diverting water. But, a blocked gutter will not function properly. When you have noticed a pool of water in the basement, you must focus on grading and gutter cleaning activities.

Install a new sump pump –

The sump pump is your ultimate solution when nothing works for your basement. In some cases, draining systems may pose problems consistently, and you can solve them by installing a sump pump.  The pump is capable of catching the water while your basement has become flooded. It directs water away from the house before any potential issue arise. Thus, buy a sump pump and save your basement from moisture damages. You may also replace the old pump with a new one.

Add exhaust fans to your basement –

Some basements include bathrooms, and exhaust fans are a must for them. Make sure that your basement bathroom has an exhaust fan. The fan also helps in eliminating the bad odor. Most importantly, it prevents moisture accumulation in the bathroom. You may find signs of fogs on your mirror. You will notice this issue in the absence of the fan.

These are the best tips for maintaining a moisture-free basement. You may also use high-quality waterproof paint for your basement. The special coating protects walls from moisture damages. But, it does not repair structural damages. When you find your basement already flooded with water, you can call a water damage restoration team. Professionals will serve you best.

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