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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Replacement Windows

After you have completed window replacement you may feel relived as there will be no more problems with the windows. That’s true, but along with that it is necessary that you maintain it properly. If the windows are not maintained then after few years you will start facing problem with them! On the other hand, when you maintain the replacement windows they will last long, really long.

Here are 5 tips to help you with maintenance of your windows.

1. When to clean windows

What is the best time to clean windows? You may think its sunny days as you can see better during those days, the truth is that there is some problem with summertime washing. The water on the windows dries out before you wipe them. Thus, there will be streaks of water left on the glass.

The best time to clean the windows is during spring or fall. The weather is cloudy and you can clean the window with time in hand. There will be lesser chances of streaks.

2. Window cleaning products

The next concern for maintaining the windows is cleaning them. Which cleaning products should you use? When the windows are new there will be fewer problems as by using a little bit of detergent in water you can clean them. The problem arises as they grow older. There will be accumulation of more dust in the panels and you have to be very careful while cleaning them.

Remember you should never use harsh chemicals while you are cleaning windows. For drying the surface you can use microfiber cloth.

3. Keeping Window Frames Clean

It is important to ensure that there are no leaks or open spaces. This specially happens with wooden window frames. When there is moisture buildup in wood mildew and mold may grow. Thus, it is necessary to repair the wooden frames. By repainting it you can decrease this problem a lot.

4. Maintaining the Glass, Films, And Coating

For maintaining your replacement windows your next aim should be keeping the glass and films clean. If they are not kept clean, then the whole building will not look good. Sometimes after you use cleaning solution they are left behind on the glass. You should be very careful about them too!

5. Cleaning the window screens

Overtime you may notice that dirt and dust gets accumulated over windows screen too! You should keep it mind that the windows screen must be cleaned.

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