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The use of a solar panel effectively reduces the cost of energy consumption, both residentially and commercially. The panels are not only environmentally friendly, but also an efficient and reliable source of energy.

Once you purchase and install the solar panels, you need to practice proper solar care and maintenance routines. Cleaning is one of these fundamental routines that you should observe. But how do you clean the solar panels without damaging them? Here are five top tips for solar panel cleaning.

Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning materials

Abrasive and harsh materials are especially suitable for removing tough stains when cleaning, but not for the solar panel. The abrasive soap and sponges may damage the panel, resulting in scratches, which may reduce efficiency during use.

The solar panel cleaning kit helps you get the cleaning job done as they are well suited for this purpose. In case the kits are unavailable, use a soft rag that can conveniently remove dirt.

Cleaning solutions specially designed for the solar panel lead to thorough cleaning as compared to the regular soap. Laundry soaps may lead to delamination, which may cause the manufacturer’s warranty to be made void.

Hose Off the solar panels

The solar panels contain a lot of dirt and loose debris, which may take some time cleaning with soap. It would help if you considered hosing off the solar panels to ensure the removal of loose dirt. This procedure leads to the removal of grime hence allowing you to conduct a thorough cleaning afterward. You can use a garden hose with a proper nozzle attached to it.

Do not use water with a lot of minerals

The solar panel’s glass modules may be sensitive to minerals in non-distilled water. The deposits may lead to reactions that may damage the glass modules making it non-effective. The manufacturers of the solar panels always recommend the use of water that has been de-ionized or distilled for cleaning the solar panels.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions

Manufacturers always make recommendations regarding the proper ways to clean and take care of the solar panels. The guidelines from the manufacturer guide list step by step procedures on how to clean and the cleaning materials needed. Depending on the solar panel, you may be required to shut it down or use water at specific temperatures. If the manufacturer’s instructions are not available, check online from the original solar panel site.

Do not use water with High pressure

The solar panels have designs with parts not entirely sealed. The junction box and the solar panel plugs bear the risk of allowing water to go in when you use a high-pressure pump during the cleaning routine. Consider reducing the pressure levels of the water to a recommended pressure of 40 bar and below. Ensure that the water reaching the panel does not damage the glass as well due to the impact.

Finally, proper maintenance of the solar panel guarantees it longer life and low repair costs. Professional cleaning by Peak Services can be helpful in excellent cleaning and solar panel maintenance services.

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