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6 of the Top uses for Your Rotary Tool

Some tools are specialists, but others can take on a wide array of jobs. When you look at the many bits and attachments you can use with a rotary tool, it becomes obvious that it can be one of the most versatile pieces in your toolkit.

With the ability to cut, carve, sand, grind and more, you can use your rotary tool for so many projects around the house. The following are six of the top uses for a rotary tool.

Cutting Drywall

Maybe you are installing a new light fixture or adding a home accessory that needs to sit in the wall. A rotary tool can be one of the best tools for when you need to cut drywall. It is easier than doing it by hand and the design of a rotary tool offers precision. If you have a lot of cuts to make, you can get a bit that is made for cutting drywall, but if you only need to cut one hole, you could use a bit for cutting wood.

Detail Sanding

Detail sanding can take a lot of time if you have to do it by hand. With a rotary tool and a good sanding drum, you can do detail sanding in less time. With the narrow design, a rotary tool is especially good for when you need to sand in tight spaces or around corners on woodworking projects.

Removing Rust

Do you need to clean up a rusty piece of old metal? Your rotary tool is perfect for removing rust. With a carbon steel brush in your rotary tool, you can remove rust from metal surfaces on things like metal grills, patio furniture or railings. These tools can remove rust easily and it will save a lot of time and effort.

Cutting Copper Pipe

There are many home improvement projects that may require you to cut copper pipe. Cutting with a hacksaw is one way to do it, but your rotary tool can do the work faster while also providing a cleaner cut. It will also work better if you need to cut the pipe in a tight space. All you need is a metal cutoff wheel and you can cut metal pipe with ease.

Sharpening Yard Tools

Your rotary tool can be great for maintaining your lawn and garden equipment. Along with removing rust from metal surfaces, you can use a grinding bit to sharpen the blades on things like hedge clippers and Kubota Mowers. You could even get a kit that is good for using your rotary tool for sharpening the chain on a chainsaw.

Polishing Metal

Want to give an old piece of metal a new shine? With the right polishing accessories, you can use your rotary tool to polish stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more. It can even be used to polish jewelry made from materials like sterling silver and gold.

There aren’t many tools that can match the versatility of a rotary tool. Along with having so many attachments and bits you can use, they are lightweight and easy to handle. This not only means that these tools can tackle a wide range of jobs, but that they tend to do most of them well.

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