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Average Closet Dimensions for Optimum Organisation

The closet is an integral part of the bedroom. Closet organisation is valuable because, let’s face it, even with the occasional sale, clothes and accessories prove to be the most expensive purchases. To get maximum wear and minimum tear on your outfits, make sure your closet is in tip-top shape all the time.

Closet size and your space needs

There are no standard closet dimensions. It all depends on how much floor space you have as well as the layout of the room. But there are recommended closet measurements to provide sufficient storage.

Ideally, there should be at least 4 feet of hanging space, plus a storage shelf of 8 square feet per person. The distance from the top of the rod to the floor is between 45 and 72 inches, which can already accommodate jackets and long dresses, coats and gowns. You can run a shelving system on the top and bottom spaces, using the top shelves to carry items that are not often utilised.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are fitted to your room and your lifestyle to offer a seamless look. It is a great way to maximise space while treating your bedroom to a good design. It is also easily adjustable to any dimension, making sure your closet needs are met.

The fundamentals of good storage

When it comes to closet storage, there is more to size and design than meets the eye. Good storage is what you should be aiming for to keep your garments well-protected and well-maintained. Keep these things in mind:

  • Heat and moisture are the top enemies of good storage. The closet must be a cool, dry place that receives ample fresh air to keep your clothes free from discolouration and musty odours. Heat and moisture can also deteriorate fabrics significantly.
  • Seasonal outfits must be dry-cleaned or washed and dried properly before they are stored. Any trace of dirt or dampness can attract insects, develop mildew, and promote stale odours.
  • Organise your wardrobe in a way that matches your lifestyle. Put things that you often use in a space that is most accessible. Sort items and get creative in storing them. Belts, for example, can be placed on S hooks to hang on the rail or coiled in a drawer to look neat.
  • Do not fill up your closet beyond 75%. Some people cannot have enough outfits at a time but that would only accumulate in the closet and will probably sit there forever, eating space. Adopt a minimalist attitude and invest only in useful items. A handful for each category is enough.
  • Clean up your closet periodically. At the end of each season, give it a good round of dusting or vacuum cleaning. While you are at it, scout for items that are no longer useful, either because they are old and worn, you outgrew them, or you simply don’t like to wear them all together.

Closet organisation is achieved not just by having an ample size and space but more so by learning to maximise the amount of storage that you have. Maintain order and functionality by keeping clutter in check.

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