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Bathroom Trends 2021

Whether you are planning a relaxing sanctuary, a chic modern washroom or the luxurious bathroom of your dreams, getting the components of your new bathroom just right is key. Let’s delve deep into some of this year’s hottest trends, to help inspire you to select the perfect elements for your new bathroom. Bathroom trends change frequently and staying on top of the latest style choices is the ideal way for you to find ideas for your bathroom renovation.

Here is a preview of what this year’s trends will be:

Integrated Lighting

Bathroom lighting has evolved a great deal over the last decade. We have moved from large lighting fixtures to precise spotlights, and now the fashion is changing again. This year there will be a great deal of integrated lighting solutions to help illuminate bathroom fixtures. From behind-mirror lighting to under counter LEDs, there are a range of new lighting options becoming increasingly popular this year.

Oversized Bathroom Taps

Demand for tapware changes on an annual basis and this year expect to see more and more people look to past design inspiration for their taps. For instance, oversized taps on bathtubs and sinks look great and offer a sense of opulent charm. To match this look, anticipate a rise in popularity of gold finishes on bathroom taps, which combined with the large size really helps to drive home elegance.

Mixed Flooring

Blending different kinds of flooring has worked well in the restaurant industry and it was inevitable that this trend would soon find its way into homes. Splitting the floor between beautiful tiles that seep into luxury wood flooring offers a delightful style addition for any bathroom.

Long Bathroom Sinks

Long and narrow sinks are often found in public spaces like hotels and restaurants, and this is something which has been slowly entering into residential bathrooms too. These sinks look great and they take up far less space in the bathroom. Round sinks can sometimes create awkward and lost spaces, which is also why rectangular sinks are becoming increasingly popular.

Sensitive Bathroom Mixers

Given the increased concerns regarding hygiene we can expect a great amount of contactless technology entering our homes — including in the bathroom. Many designers had already been leaning towards a touch-free style for their bathrooms and this certainly looks to become a big trend this year and contactless bathroom mixers in particular will lead the way.

Efficient Usage of Bathroom Tapware

Expect to see efficient usage of bathroom tapware, especially in smaller spaces. An oversized mixer for a tub, a single tap function for bath/shower combos and increased use of mixers for the sink will ensure maximised space. Less is more this year when it comes to the taps.

Final Thoughts on Bathroom Trends

Given the last 12 months, and the increased hours we have spent at home, more people are looking to invest & update their properties in the coming year. These trends can help to inspire and offer ideas for those who are looking to incorporate some fresh style into their bathrooms.

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