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Be Aware of Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bugs

Nowadays bedbugs have become a very common thing in most homes in Canada. Quite often people do not realize that they exist in their home. Since they can be rarely seen during daylight and even at night too, they remain hidden under the mattress. They will come out only when you are sleeping and the lights are usually switched off.

You may contact Solution Cimex, which is the authorized company in Canada that may help you in completely eradicating from your home in case it is fully infested by them.

Bed bugs will not pose any serious health problems like mosquitos. However, people may feel uncomfortable due to their presence and your night sleep may often get disturbed because of them.

Therefore, it is necessary that as soon as they enter your household and start multiplying, you must be aware of them so that you can take necessary measures to get them removed.

Recognizing bed bugs and also their eggs

Usually, bed bugs can easily be recognized with the following characteristics:

  • You can see them with your naked eye
  • Usually, adult bed bugs will be brown colored and as they are filled with blood, then the color may be between red to little dark brown.
  • Bedbugs are oval-shaped and having a size of about 4 mm to 7 mm in the shape of a seed of any flattened apple.
  • They do not jump or fly.
  • Usually, they move almost at the same speed as an ant
  • They may usually live for 5 – 6 months. However, few of them even survive for beyond a year without any feeding and remain in a dormant condition.

Following are the characteristics of bed bug eggs:

  • They are normally whitish colored.
  • They are usually laid out in clusters.
  • Their size is of a pinhead.
  • Often, they are attached in various spaces
  • They will hatch after 10 – 14 days

How to know that bedbugs exist in your home?

Following are a few signs:

  • Tell-Tale Bites:

Often people start getting the feel of bites, and every bite may not always be a sure sign that bed bugs are present, however, that should at least alert you about the presence of some little ‘bug’ that is around. Almost 70% of people never show signs of any bed bug bites.”

  • Smell:

If the infestations are severe then you may get sweet/sour smell.

  • Skin or Feces:

Often bed bugs can leave remnants. You may notice small black specks present on your mattress, or bed frame. They may occasionally leave their skeleton.

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