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Bedroom Sets That Go With Any Decor

So, you’ve picked a paint color for the walls, art work you’re excited to hang, and maybe even a fabulous rug, but you’re still stuck on trying to find the perfect set of furniture for your master bedroom? Sure, there are a lot of options, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Picking a bedroom set you will be happy with is a big decision, especially if you think you will be keeping it for the next five to ten years. The first step is to decide on which design style you’re ultimately trying to achieve, and then look for bedroom sets that match that motif. Typical bedroom sets include a bed, chest or dresser, and nightstands.   

Modern bedroom 

If you have decided you want your master bedroom to have a modern look then the goal is to have clean lines and simplicity while still making it cozy and inviting. Typically you would want to stick with a neutral color palette while also incorporating sporadic pops of colors with accent pieces. 

  • The bed: classic modern beds include wingback headboards and tall tufted or non-tufted upholstered headboards. Color choices for the upholstered fabric could be ivory, beige, taupe or white. You could also choose a velvety grey to add a touch of romance and elegance to your space. Keep the look sophisticated and simple but embellish the details with lush linens and decorative pillows.
  • The nightstands: again think clean lines and simplicity. Two nightstands on each side of your bed should subtly accent the bed but also provide a purpose. Pick a solid color and decide on what their functionality will be; are they just for looks, putting a drink down on, or will you need a drawer for storage space? 
  • Chest of drawers or dresser: Though similar, there is a difference between a chest of drawers and a dresser. A chest is usually taller and narrower than a dresser, so if you have a smaller room you may want to opt for a classic chest instead of a dresser. Dressers are usually lower and longer, but typically both have about the same amount of storage. A solid wood chest or dresser in a neutral color, possibly embellished with antiqued brass hardware, would match perfectly with a modern decor. 

Urban bedroom

This design style is versatile and allows you to incorporate modern, rustic and mid-century elements into your space. Think clean lines, raw materials and pieces with industrial accents when looking for bedroom sets. 

  • The bed: A short non-tufted upholstered headboard in ivory or grey would go nicely in an urban bedroom setting. Another great option is a solid wood platform bed with steel legs, edgy but still sophisticated. 
  • The nightstands: Again, decide on the functionality of the nightstands and if you want them both to match or be similar. You could always choose nightstands that are slightly different but stay in the same color palette. Look for nightstands that combine materials such as would and metal. 
  • The chest or dresser: Make a statement in your urban room by looking for a dresser or chest that is made from a combination of Walnut or reclaimed wood and steel or pewter.   

Coastal bedroom

If you want to feel like it’s summer all year long in your bedroom then you want to look for coastal style bedroom sets. Your color palette is again very neutral and you want to stick with whites, creams, tans weathered woods and whitewashed furniture. 

  • The bed: for a traditional coastal look go for a tall, weathered-wood headboard and dress it with neutral linens. Think light and airy, but make the bed charming and comfortable invoking the coast and beach.  Another option is to go with a low sitting bed frame that boasts a tall, solid-wood headboard in a light or weathered tone and upholstered in a neutral linen fabric. 
  • The nightstands: pick matching solid wood nightstands with a weathered grey or white washed finish to compliment your headboard. Look for charming accents like gold or brass hardware to add charm to your bedroom set. 
  • The chest or dresser: if your nightstands match your bedframe and headboard try to change it up with a large dresser that is finished with moldings or intricate details that make an impression. If you don’t have the space for a dresser, try finding a tall chest that accomplishes the same aesthetic goal. 

Luckily, there are so many bedroom sets to choose from and furniture options available finding pieces that will accomplish your interior design goals should not be hard. Try and make some decisions ahead of time regarding size and storage needs, so you don’t forget the important details you intend to look for accidentally. Remember these helpful tips when preparing to start shopping and hopefully they will help you make the selection and buying process much easier.

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