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Benefits Of Renting A Home Office Space

The home office is the simplest and cheapest solution for those people who no longer want to work inside a traditional office all day or have decided to start a business on the side of their job. Issues such as flexible hours, the possibility of having access to television, sofa and bed for breaks, in addition to saving time are the main attractions. The difficulty lies in the more behavioral aspects, as it is not easy to follow the work routine with so many comfort options available.


No Traffic

With a home office, you get up, walk a few steps, and are already in the work environment. It is unnecessary to use crowded public transport, get traffic jams, spend on gas and car maintenance, or parking. Time spent commuting is also saved. Have you ever thought about what can be done by earning two hours a day? In the routine of a person who works from Monday to Friday, it’s as if you were given 47 hours to do whatever you wanted, which is more than a week of work for someone who works 8 hours a day.

More Casual Clothes

Corporate dress codes can be very annoying to employees. Especially in summer, wearing a suit and tie (or a pair of jeans) is not very comfortable. Working from home, you can wear whatever clothes you want or not at all. It is only necessary to take two precautions.

The first is that in videoconferencing meetings, it is not good to wear pajamas. The second is that many people need to dress as if they would leave the house to feel like they started work. In this case, more comfortable clothes can make you associate the moment at home with leisure.

Healthier And Cheaper Food

While it is possible to maintain healthy eating at work outside the home with lunchboxes and natural restaurants, cooking your food is much easier and cheaper. So that meal preparation doesn’t interfere with your productivity, it’s worth taking a moment on the weekend to prepare all your meals and heat them at lunchtime. Another possibility is to envision this moment in the schedule as a time of relaxation in the middle of the day and use the kitchen as an opportunity to shift focus.

Possibility To Take Better Care Of Children

Some companies and some coworking like 620 N LaSalle already allow employees to take their children (sometimes the four-legged ones) to the office. Even so, it may not be healthy for a young child to be transported around. Being close to them, you can follow the food and enjoy the company whenever you want.

Savings On Rent, Facilities, And Maintenance

As you don’t have to leave home every day, you can save a little on public transport. Also, the base structure of your workspace is already there. You have a roof and probably light and internet already guaranteed and paid for.

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