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A Driveway heating system is one of the best ways to melt the snow during the winters. They are so dynamic that they can be installed in not just the driveway but also inside your homes and sidewalks. This type of heating system melts away the snow by heating the driveway. It is an environmentally friendly way to clear the snow as no chemicals and salts are used. This heating system is a popular choice amongst homeowners. However, there are still some myths that surround it. We are here to break these myths for you so you can make an informed choice.

Myth: It is hard to operate the system

There is a popular myth that the driveway heating system is hard to operate. However, the opposite is what is true. The system is so easy to use that all you have to do is flip a switch in most cases. After the system has been installed, there will be a main box from which you can quickly turn on the system. If you wish, you can also choose an automatic system that won’t require you to turn the system on as the system will be activated by the sensors when the snow falls on them.

Myth: This system can be only installed in the driveway

The heating of this system is not limited to the driveway. It is dynamic and can be easily installed on your sidewalk, stairs, and deck.

Myth: Installing the heating system means spending more money in the longer run

According to this myth, when you install a driveway heating system, you will end up spending more on your energy bill as the system will be running all the time. But this is not true as the system is not running all the time. It only runs when you switch it on or when it senses snow. The heating system has been designed so that it doesn’t need to run for a long time to melt the snow. So no, the system will not increase your electricity bills.

Myth: The heat from the system will melt the tires of your vehicle

This myth arises from the fact that the driveway is heated from underneath. But there is no truth to it. The heating system will not make your tires melt or make it too hot to walk on. The driveway heating system has been designed keeping all of this in mind, and at no point does it ever reach a temperature where it is too hot to touch. It is so much that you won’t even notice a difference when you walk barefoot on the driveway.

Myth: The system cannot be installed in a pre-existing driveway

This myth could be a little confusing. The heating system is not placed under the current driveway as it won’t be highly effective. When there is a driveway, the heating system is installed by digging up the driveway. Then the heating system is laid down, followed by repaving it.

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