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Cardiff what to do when your are waiting for your Boiler Repairs

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The rooms did seem colder and not all was right

When dad checked the boiler and saw no pilot light”

Whether it is Christmas Eve, Valentines Day or any other day when it’s cold outside your boiler breaking down is a nightmare. We know that you can and will jump straight on the phone to Eric Collier & Son who will asap be out to repair your boiler in Cardiff, Bristol and surrounding areas.

But what do you do whilst the family huddle around a stone cold radiator? Tis the season to be jolly so here are our more comedic ways to stay warm waiting for Eric Collier & Son (or any other family member).

Baby it’s Cold Inside – “Put on a Jumper”

Do we remember when we turned into our parents, when the phrases we groaned at hearing came out of our own lips? Well a broken boiler in need of repair is going to have you whinging at the kids to put on an extra jumper, maybe even more socks, a hat, their coat and scarf. Our top tip, use more street slang when asking them to cover up!

Try “Yes Cuz, why not put on your dope jumper” or “Nah Bee, you justs needs a coat on innit” to be totally down with the kids but yet practical in your advice.;

Deck the Halls – With Loads of Candles

Did you know that the average candle can raise the temperature of a room by 1 degree and without taking you through boring maths and simply just googling the answer, an average room would take 70 candles in order to raise its temperature so you would notice.

Ohh yeah you got it, our secretary suggested you stay warm whilst we are on our way by lighting some candles. Plus we think having to keep 70 candles lit is going to keep you fit and warm, dancing all over the place re lighting or fire preventing.

On the 1st Day of Xmas My True Love Gave to Me – A Fire on the TV

Sometimes you just need to tell yourself that something doesn’t hurt, that Eric is on his way, that you are not actually cold. The mind is a powerful tool so a simple way to feel warmer is to pop you tube up on the tv and play the best open fire video you can, visuals sound, effects and those 70 candles and you can dream yourself into a cosy winter wonderland. Better still if you have a fire then light it!

Rock n Round the Christmas Tree

This is it guys, show the kids how cool you are, get the little darlings to shut up and create a new tradition with the “Cardiff boiler needs repairing annual dance off”. Get Alexa to play your favourite Christmas songs, mix it up, bogey on down, bust some moves, cut a rug, floss or even baby shark it. 2 fast sings in and not only will the usual competitive family rows start but you will be toasty warm.

Away to the Manager

If all else fails and the kids are getting on your nerves then just send them to bed. A hot water bottle, hat gloves and their duvet, problem solved whilst Eric Collier comes to repair the boiler in Cardiff. Plus the kids are in bed, you have some peace and quiet and can finally crack open that mulled wine. I mean warm mulled wine another great way to stay warm but we don’t need a whole obvious paragraph on it.

All I Want For Christmas is Eric Collier, Boiler Repairs Cardiff

So there it is guys, a well researched top tips filled article directly from Cardiff’s very own Eric Collier & Sons (not sure which family member gave the advice).

If you do find yourself having to seriously take some of this advice we suggest that you have already called Eric Collier & Son to repair your boiler. But in the meantime from all of the family here we wish you a very merry holiday season and a happy new year.

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