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Do You Know How Much Does Floor Tiling Cost?

Purchasing floor tiles for your floor furbishing can always be fairly straightforward procedure. All that you need to do is select the tiles that you prefer, get a few quotations from different suppliers, and then have them delivered to your place.

However, obtaining quotes for the installation of floor tiles and also removing old tiles from a floor will not be so easy and straightforward. It can often create plenty of misunderstandings with your tilers.

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You may often find lots of differences in the price quoted by the tiling suppliers. Generally, the price quoted to any of your neighbours will be little different than yours. Therefore, following are few things that you must know before you ask for quotes from tilers.

Factors that Can Affect Your Cost of Tiling

  • Site Preparation

Every site may be different from each other. There are different preparation tasks like cleaning and surfacing all the area will decide cost to be charged. Also, removing of old tiles will also add to the total expenses.

There are few maximum and minimum ranges for removing old tile floors which may vary from one area to other. Also, site conditions are another important factor.

  • Materials

Your overall cost will also depend upon the material type that you may be planning to buy for installation.

As an example, if you want a set of glazed mosaic tiles of size 61mm x 61mm for using for renovating your bathroom, then price for each square metre can be within certain ranges that will also include their bedding and pointing.

  • Difficulty levels

The complexity levels of installing tiles may also vary from one site to other. In certain site the situation may be very conducive and you may not need to deploy too much labour while in certain site can be in very difficultly positioned, and as a result, you may have to deploy extra labour forces even for same sized area of floor.

  • Cost of procurement of supplier

If your floor materials happen to be a very special kind that need to be imported, then supplier will need to spend additional costs of procuring them. As a result, your cost of the flooring material itself can go higher than any other commonly available flooring materials.

  • Labour cost

While considering your cost of labour, you also need to take into account about the costs needed for doing the preparation work for the flooring works. The labour cost will be decided based on the difficulty level of the job. For example, installing any new floor tiles will be cheaper than replacing your old ones.

  • Proximity of tile supplier

If you procure your material from any neighbourhood shop, then your transportation costs will always be lower as compared to buying from different city or country. Also, any nearby shop will offer you little more discount too being your familiar shop.

You must also consider about the maintenance cost, as any hard-surfaced floors will be much easier to maintain, when compared to any other type of floors.

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