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Eco-Friendly Home Design Trends For 2023

There is a growing interest in ecology and sustainability within the culture of interior design. Alongside environmentally friendly home renovations, there is also the emergence of biophilic design, an aesthetic focussed on incorporating nature into living spaces. More residents are seeking these wild and organic designs, creating living spaces that benefit from natural styles and help to reduce a household’s carbon footprint.

2023 looks to be a significant year for eco-friendly home design trends, with a number of new and exciting home renovations making their way into popularity. For those looking to improve their home’s sustainability, as well as those that want to bring the well-being benefits of the outdoors into their living spaces, we’re sharing what are set to be some of the best eco-friendly trends for 2023.

Artisan Creativity

There has been a recent growth in traditional and artisan home interiors, with traditional skills like upholstery and natural dyes growing in popularity. Partly accelerated by the ubiquity of skill-based television shows, such as The Repair Shop, more residents are taking to learning new crafts and applying their new skills to their homes.

This has a wonderful effect on the environment since a greater number of residents are turning to upcycled and recycled materials and assets for their living spaces.

Sustainable Gardens

Outdoor spaces have become a bastion of sustainability for residents, enabling the growth of one’s own food, the collection of rainwater, composting, and even the installation of log cabins. These environmentally friendly pursuits each help a home to create an exciting and carbon-friendly environment.

Some homeowners are even using their urban and rural garden spaces to host chickens and bees, turning their gardens into smallholdings while also enjoying the reward of eggs and honey.

Energy Conservation

There are a number of ways in which a home can reduce its energy consumption and, with utility bills increasing across the country, many are motivated to find them. A well-insulated home is one of the best ways to accomplish this, alongside solar panels. Both of which require an initial investment but also bring significant rewards.

Others are pursuing smart features, such as bulbs and boilers that can be controlled remotely and respond to the proximity of personal devices, therefore saving costs when detecting that no one is home.

Planet Positive Brands

Recently, brands that go the extra mile in their environmental efforts, such as Nkuku, are being celebrated across the country. Not only are their manufacturing practices more environmentally friendly but they also embrace traditional and organic aesthetics too, with an emphasis on natural colours and elegant designs.

By finding these homeware brands, residents can begin replacing their urban interiors with those made from cork, wood, glass, and natural fibres, all of which contribute to an effortlessly natural home interior.

Living Spaces

A living space can also be host to nature, welcoming plants into its interior. Houseplants have recently become increasingly popular as a result. However, they are the only way that nature can be incorporated into interior design. Many are now choosing dried flowers and floral prints, such as those of William Morris, to revitalise their living spaces.

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