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Exploring creative wood flooring laying patterns

Wood flooring has an enduring appeal that can instantly elevate the aesthetic of any room. However, beyond selecting the type of wood, finishes, and stains, one often overlooked aspect of wood flooring design is the laying pattern.

The way the planks are arranged can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your space. In this blog, we’ll delve into various creative wood flooring laying patterns to inspire you.

Straight lay pattern: classic simplicity

The straight lay pattern is the most common and straightforward choice. It involves laying the planks parallel to each other in a simple, linear fashion. This classic pattern creates a clean, modern look that suits nearly any style of interior design and the pattern makes the room optically larger. Its simplicity makes it the cheapest laying pattern for wooden floors.

Diagonal pattern: dynamic energy

This is a variation on the straight lay pattern. The planks are laid at a 45-degree angle to the walls, creating diagonal lines that draw the eye and make spaces appear larger. This pattern works particularly well in smaller rooms and gives a nice twist to the original straight lay pattern.

Herringbone pattern: timeless elegance

The herringbone pattern is characterized by planks arranged in a distinctive V-shape. This layout adds an element of sophistication and timeless charm to your space. It’s a popular choice for formal areas like dining rooms and entryways, but also is living rooms.

The herringbone floor can be laid single, double or triple. For the most tranquil look, choose the triple herringbone floor. Do you have a classic interior? Then adding tape and piping around the laying pattern is recommended. Band and piping can be seen as the frame of the herringbone pattern and gives the floor a classic look.

Chevron pattern: bold and dynamic

Similar to the herringbone pattern, the chevron pattern features planks arranged in a V-shape. However, the key difference is that the ends are cut at a 45-degree angle, creating a continuous zigzag effect. Chevron patterns are bold, dynamic, and make a striking statement in modern spaces.

If you have a large space, the Hungarian point continuus is worth considering. This is a variation on the Hungarian point where the point is extended. In this way one large point is created.

Have a wooden floor installed or do it yourself?

Installing wood flooring requires craftsmanship. The only pattern you can lay yourself is the plank pattern, all other laying patterns are better to have a parquet installer lay them.

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