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Few Maintenance Tips for Your Swimming Pool and Pool Heater

If you have properly installed your pool heater and also regularly maintaining it then it will last easily for 5 to 10 years or even longer. As such, your pool heater usually does not need plenty of maintenance.

All that you need to be doing is keeping all the areas free of debris like leaves or any pine needles. Besides that, ensure that no rodents are nesting inside or trying to chew the electrical wires.

In addition to offering help for buying and selling any property in California, Ashby & Graff can also help you to perform your pool heater repair services by contacting certain professionals, who are engaged in this field.

However, if you want to do maintenance in DIY way then you must follow few tips that we will discuss in this write up to avoid few common problems of pool heater.

  • Pool chemical balance

Following are few things that you must maintain:

  • Balance

Test kits are available that can be used for measuring various parameters.

  • Chlorine

You must maintain chlorine level of one to four parts per million

  • Shock

Shock treatments are needed after heavy rainfall or when chlorine levels get low.

  • Algaecide

On weekly basis use an Algaecide for preventing algae build ups.

  • Winterize the pool and heater

During winter seasons, remove water from pool heater, pump, PVC pipes and filter for avoiding damages due to ice.  Water will expand as it will freeze that may lead to leaking or pipes bursting.

  • Keep your pool clean

In order to maintain cleanliness of the pool you may do the following:

  • Install a proper filter and clean, check or replace cartridge regularly.
  • Develop a regular schedule for cleaning.
  • Pour in water prior to backwashing and vacuuming
  • Always maintain water on your pool between 30 to 50 per cent way up opening of your pool skimmer
  • Remember to maintain the filters
  • Switch it off while holidaying

Prefer to keep your swimming pool heater switched off, if you are going for long vacation. If you have automatic solar controller, you can then do any of the following:

  • Find any friendly neighbor and request him to keep your pool clear
  • Before proceeding for long holiday, you must get your water checked up and if there is any issue then address it before you leave.
  • Ensure that your pool is perfectly clean.
  • Use pool blanket

You may use pool blankets to cut down your energy costs, chemicals, water consumption and leaf load.

  • Cool the over-heated pool

Following are few ways to keep your overheated water cool

  • Try to use the solar heating system that will circulate more water if it is more heated up.
  • You may install reverse –cycle heat pump to maintain water temperature cool.
  • Particularly during night, keep off the pool cover
  • Consider about installing pool cooler
  • Choose shady location for your pool

It will certainly be a good idea to offer your swimming pool for regular maintenance through any professional company, so that you can use swimming pool during any season.

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