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Four personal financial programs that you can use are free

It’s time to order your finances. You work too hard for your money to handle it loosely. It is important to manage your budget correctly. I know this doesn’t sound like a pleasure and it’s before I say it’s easier to say than done. Back in the “old” days you have to track your expenses by making entry with large stones or investing in expensive software and making boring entries on the computer.

Fortunately, time has changed and technology has been far away to make budgeting, if it’s not fun at least easy. There are several costless cost programs that can help you build and monitor the budget. If budgeting thinking is enough to send you to shock, not yet panic. Of course disciplined shopping can be a real pain! However, if you want to enjoy financial success, the budget is a must. These programs can show exactly where your money is running. And they will help you spend your money wisely.

My personal favorite is Mint was brought to us by Quicken makers and gave “At-a-Glance insight.” This service will download and categorize your balance and transactions automatically every day – making it easy to see graphs of expenditure, income, balances, and net worth.

Simplified budget – if you need help to set a budget, try downloading a simplified budget. This program will help you sort your monthly income and expenditure. It’s good for creating a personal or household budget. After you enter your monthly income, you can allocate it in a number of categories such as bills, savings, entertainment and more. Finally, you can trace your expenses through the program and monitor how close you meet your goals.

Gnucash – maybe you want to manage all your expenses. With this program, as with, you can track several checks and savings accounts. You can also save on loans, shares and mutual funds. This program can be labor intensive. But it’s also very useful. All your financial information is compiled into the report and the balance sheet by pressing the button.

This program can give you a real snap shot from your financial situation. But it really requires some serious work. Just like in the past, you will enter a lot of data, especially when starting. So, this program is suitable for advanced users or those who don’t want banks online.

Acemoney Lite – This program allows you to track one bank account in detail. This is a fast version of a more complete program (money costs). With the free version you can watch all activities on one account. And you will be able to generate monthly and annual revenue reports. It does have all the full version features, but limited to one account. Acemoney Lite will help you in organizing and managing your personal finances quickly and easily. It also supports all functions needed for small home and business accounting needs.

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