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Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

This is your guide to help you with your renovation. This article is about bathroom renovation Toronto. It will take time, money, and effort to renovate your bathroom. The cost might range from a few thousand dollars to six figures to brighten up an old bathroom. The key is to select improvements that fit your lifestyle and daily activities.

Understand the Shower

In a kid-friendly community, a freestanding tub has a high resale value. If your bathroom isn’t large enough for both a walk-in shower and a bath, a shower/tub combo is the best option. The enclosure you choose for your shower or shower/tub combo will make a significant difference.

Material selection

Natural stone is a popular choice since it is easily the most sophisticated and formal of bathroom surfaces. With the right sealer, any natural stone can withstand moist conditions, so the decision will mostly be based on price and appearance.

Traditional subway tiles are popular, but zellige, a more personalized and handcrafted variant, is also a fantastic choice. Penny and hex tiles, for example, should not be neglected. Because of their low cost and duplication, they might be a great alternative to more expensive bathroom materials like actual stone.

Be mindful of storage

Because most bathrooms have little storage, a built-in shower niche is almost required. Purchase a prefabricated niche to tile over or install one between the studs. Just make sure it’s big enough to fit all of your shower essentials. You have two alternatives for a vanity: bespoke, where you choose high-moisture-resistant materials and have them installed by a designer-contractor team, or store-bought to save yourself the trouble. Floating shelves, a mirror cabinet, towel racks and hooks, and a built-in linen closet are all useful additions—which you select depending on your personal taste and the amount of space available.

These are the basic factors that are important in renovating your bathroom for your dream home.

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