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Heating your Pool with a Wood-Burning Heater: Know what to Expect

A wood-burning water heater can be placed outdoors in its protective shield. This sustainable heating unit can be used to effectively heat pools, particularly in suburban areas where proper owners find other heating mechanisms that involve fossil fuels expensive and harmful to the environment.

How the Heater Works

The wood furnace is mounted with a long copper pipe through which the cold pool water passes. Users will feed wood into a centralized iron box that generates radiant heat. The wood burning pool heater comes with a secondary compartment that surrounds the heat-generating stove in a closed system of pipes and holds the tank. When pool water is heated inside the pipe, it returns to the pool to heat it. This process is repeated to heat the entire pool. To maintain or increase the ambient water temperature, wood should be added.

The Benefits Users can Expect when Using Wood Pool Heaters

Using wood-burning pool heaters instead of heating pumps or other appliances offer many benefits to users.

These include the following:

  • They are friendly to the environment. Burning wood to heat a pool does not pose any harm to the environment. Homeowners can also use the heat generated from their outdoor furnace to heat their homes. Also, the carbon dioxide emitted from burning the wood benefits trees.
  • They are safe to use. A wood pool heater is installed outside the house, minimizing the chances of accidental fires. For families with young children, this furnace keeps the kids safe and warm during the coldest times of the year.
  • They deter pests. Small insects and bugs hate fire and smoke. Thus, keeping the wood burning for a long time and at a controlled rate will keep them away from one’s home.
  • They are cost-efficient. Especially for homes where wood is abundant, wood pool heaters offer a cost-efficient solution for keeping pools heated without tapping into electrical or gas water heating systems. Users will just need to fire up the furnace and add several long-burning logs to enjoy the benefits of the unit without worrying about an increase in their utility bills or having to take hot water from other users.

For homes with access to firewood, a wood-burning heater is a great investment. They will never run out of firewood, unless the entire forest is cut down, which is impossible. The government pays special attention to wood harvesting to prevent excessive harvesting and takes actions when people violate the rule.

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