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Household Chemical Storage Guide

Despite how carelessly many families throw around all of the household cleaning products they use, the chemicals found within them can be extremely hazardous if not handled and stored properly. It might shock people, but the truth is, many of these products have become so familiar in our lives that we often forget they’re composed of harsh chemicals. We often look to them to clean up a spill or remove a stain but may never stop to read the label to truly understand what these products are. While they provide immense utility, they should be treated with the safety and respect they deserve. This means being a bit more conscious of the way in which they’re used and stored. When handling these products, heed the security instructions on the label. Similarly, when it comes to storage, don’t think so much about convenience. Instead, prioritize safety and place these products away from lingering hands or paws. For inspiration on how to do so, such as creating a chemical cleaning product caddy, check out the resource coupled alongside this post.

Household Chemical Storage Guide from SolvChem Custom Packaging Division, an organization specializing in industrial chemical services


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