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How has Office Furniture changed over time?

Change is inevitable. Change occurs in all aspects in a way or the other. But it is essential to take an observation of the change. It is essential to analyze these changes to understand the difference between old and new times.

Just as all other industries have evolved with time, the furniture in use has also changed. Furniture in the past few years have developed drastically, be in terms of style, technology, colours, or material. Office spaces use a very different kind of furniture. The idea of an office previously is very different from the idea of office today. Office furniture is very important and unique in nature.

This article is dedicated to exploring the difference between the office furniture of old times and office furniture of new times.

Where Lies the Difference?

  1. Table

Tables are common to every office.  It was a necessity back then, and it is a necessity even now. However, the style of tables used has changed drastically. Earlier very basic wooden coloured tables were used in the offices. Those tables were very simple, some equipped with a drawer or two and some without drawers. The contemporary table was majorly made up of metal and wood.

The new and contemporary office table has a very refined look. There are a variety of colours available today. Majority of the tables are crafted with fine and hybrid tested wood that prevents insects. A very new addition in the office tables is the automatic standing desk.

These desks are technologically driven desks, whose height can be adjusted according to the user’s convenience. The table can be combined with a chair as well as can be used for standing and work purposes. The elegantly styled table adds beauty to the office space and gives it a very refined, sophisticated and elegant look.

  1. The Office Chair

The next basic necessity in an office is a chair. Chairs come in various shapes, sizes and designs. The classic office chair used to be a rubber and foam chair or a wooden chair or a plastic chair. These chairs weren’t very comfortable, and it was the reason why people suffered from backaches.

The modern-day office chair is equipped with floor glides and movable wheels. Ergonomic chairs are the bestselling office chairs these days. They are super flexible and can go back to a great extent. The back of the char is designed according to the shape and curve of your back. This results in greater comfort while working and gives less stress to the lower back. These chairs are also very durable. They come in a wide variety of sizes and designs.  The economic nature of the chair makes it an appropriate fit for your office. Some of the chairs also come with an already attached headrest.

  1. The Office Cabinet

The office cabinet is responsible for storing all the work files and holds great importance. The old time’s office cabinet used to either be of wood or of metal. They were usually open cabinet and were very large in size.

Talking about modern times, most of the official documents are usually stored in a separate file room. But sometimes an office room to contains a small cabinet. But these cabinets are smaller in size, come with doors and are usually crafted with high-grade plastic, engineered wood and so. The colours available for the cabinets are also very varied.


From old times to the new, many things have changed. But what hasn’t changed is the process of evolution.  Furniture was important back then, and it is important even now, be it in the form of an old table or a new standing desk frame.

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