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How Long Does Fence Installation in Kansas City Take?

Homeowners who are looking to have a fence installed are most likely wondering about the timeline of when it will be completed. The time it takes to complete any fence installation varies based on many different factors such as the type of fence and how big the enclosure will be. It’s safe to say that almost every fence installation job will be done in a different amount of time, but on average it can take up to three or four days to complete. If you’re looking to have fence installation done in Kansas City then we’ve got you covered with the timeframe to expect. 

How Long Does Fence Installation Take?

Fence installation on average can take between one and four days. This estimate includes everything needed for a fence such as removing the old fence, material gathering, and post-installation clean up. There are a lot of factors that go into how long it will take for your specific fence installation, so let’s take a look at some of those. For more resources on fence installation in Kansas City, visit us on the web at


Yard Size: The size of the yard or the enclosed area will affect the amount of time needed. A larger yard will need more time and a smaller yard will take less time. 


Type Of Fence: Some fence types are much easier to install than others so this can factor in more time if needed. 


Ground Conditions: The conditions of the ground that the fence is on can make the job harder and take more time if the workers must work around roots, concrete, or thick soil. 


Workday Weather: The weather during the fence installation can factor into the time needed for the installation. If the weather is clear and great then it will take less time, however, if the weather isn’t cooperating then the workers may need additional time.  

What Is The Easiest Fence To Install? 

If you’re looking for the easiest fence to install or the fence that takes the least amount of time to install then you’re looking for a  wooden fence. Wooden fences are quite common, the material is easy to work with, and they’re overall pretty straightforward. This makes for a super easy installation given that weather conditions and such are great. A wooden fence can be installed in around one to two days, so if you’re looking for fence installation in Kansas City that might take the least amount of time, then you can opt for a wooden fence.  

The Bottom Line

Overall, fence installation in Kansas City can take up to four days, but depending on the weather, material, and other factors, it can even be completed in less than two days. It’s important to remember that material delays, weather, ground soil, and the overall complexity of the project can extend the amount of time needed for fence installation. However, if you’re looking for a fence to be installed in as little time as possible then getting a wooden fence is your best option. Contact a fence installation company in Kansas City to get all of your fencing needs done. 

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