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How to achieve the perfect Scandinavian floors

It’s not just vikings that came from the Nordic countries. If you’ve kept up with the current interior design trends, you’ll know that a style that has been growing in popularity for years now is Scandinavian interior design!

Defined as a minimalist yet functional style, it emerged around the 1950s as Nordic design developed into a more modern movement. Countries such as Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Finland grew to love this specific type of interior design, which prioritises above all else function and value as compared to luxe looks that aren’t as practical in the home.

Scandinavian interior designs are based on the words ‘hygge’ and ‘lagom’. Hygge is a Danish word that means cosiness, and in Scandi designs this means utilising soft fabrics, natural materials, and even handcrafted pieces to harken a feeling of cosiness. Lagom, on the other hand, means ‘just enough’ in Swedish, and is a key point of Scandinavian interior design. Moderation is key! This means prioritising the use of functional decor as well as minimising clutter, too.

It’s no surprise, then, that with a light and airy appearance that’s complemented by pale colours and the usage of natural materials, Scandi designs have taken the world by storm.

Bright, practical interiors that were utilised to prolong the feeling of daylight in Nordic regions with its signature winters and limited sunlight are now being used globally to evoke a simple, functional aesthetic. Even in Australian homes, you’ll see that more and more homeowners are veering towards Scandi interiors due to its focus on quality and function, as well as its versatility in any space. Scandi’s often neutral palettes and varying textures are a perfect match for your own unique additions, whether it’s a mid-century art piece, boho furnishings, or even edgy industrial hardware.

But if you’re wondering how to create the perfect foundation for your dream Scandi home, the best place to start is with your flooring. Scandi style homes use light wooden flooring options to create bright and airy spaces, and it’s encouraged as much as possible to go for high quality, natural materials not only to align with Scandi design principles, but also to fully encapsulate what it means to have a Scandinavian home. So think light colours, matte finishes, with materials that have natural characteristics such as wood grain.

Below, we’ve got some handy ideas on where to start if you’re looking for the perfect Scandinavian floors!


On a budget? You can achieve the Scandi look with light tiled flooring by focusing on laying down tiles with clean lines that form striking geometric shapes, such as diamonds. A contrasting grout colour can also be beneficial to give off a modern look that accentuates the tile while still following neutral colour palettes.

However, you may find that with Scandi designs, tiles are better off being used in bathroom spaces, or even as kitchen backsplashes, especially as subway tiles or herringbone patterns look amazing on the walls for this!

Vinyl Flooring

An affordable, popular choice, vinyl flooring can be a good option if you’re not wanting to invest in actual wooden flooring. Made of durable material that is not only easy to install but resists moisture too, there’s a wide range of styles available that can fit the Scandi aesthetic if you know where to look. If you’re trying to find vinyl flooring that aligns with this style, remember: go with light wood styles, and even better if it looks as realistic as possible!

However, because of vinyl flooring’s price point, it may be a tad difficult to find an option that looks just like wooden flooring. Don’t underestimate the importance of your floors when it comes to the overall design, either: sometimes, it can be in your best interest to invest a little more in the flooring that you choose not only to install a durable, high quality floor, but one that you’ll love for the years to come, too.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate offers a more realistic wooden look while still being an attractive alternative to real wood flooring. Resilient and stylish because of its construction, lots of households have utilised this flooring for busy spaces, and with lots of options that mimic natural textures and grains, you might be able to find your Scandi flooring with laminate.

Compared with vinyl flooring, however, laminate is not as durable, which may be an important factor for you when it comes to deciding on your perfect floors.

Wood Flooring

Wanting to follow Scandi style to a T? Scandinavian homes use light woods, whether it’s coniferous timbers or light oak planks, to bring a bright airiness to the home even during the dreary winter months. This style of wooden flooring oozes character and provides effortless natural texture, and you too can bring this to your home, whether by using hardwood planks, or by investing in the more affordable alternative of engineered timber flooring!

Robust, durable, and naturally gorgeous, engineered timber flooring is made with a natural wood veneer top layer, and a core made of several layers of plywood. This design ensures that it stands the test of time, heavy foot traffic, and resists moisture better than solid hardwood can! Available in wide or narrow planks, or in patterns such as chevron or herringbone, you’re sure to find the choice that’s lagom for your home.

Reputable wooden flooring companies offer a wide range of styles with engineered timber flooring, with natural looks that will take your breath away day after day. With light, blonde wooden flooring, you can achieve the perfect Scandinavian interior design from the ground up! Take advantage of showrooms around you, or ask around for samples of timber flooring Melbourne to ensure that you’re choosing the best flooring option for your needs, no matter what they may be.

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