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How To Calculate The Quantity Of Packing Required For Moving?

Later, after making a list and knowing more about each packing for moving from alliance moving and storage, define the amount needed for your residential move. To calculate, it will be necessary to base the amount of furniture and belongings.

As an example, let’s look at the list of belongings for a traditional two-bedroom apartment for a couple with a child:

  • Descriptive table of the quantity of packaging required for change
  • For these belongings, the following quantity of packaging for moving would be needed:
  • 2 rolls of 100-meter bubble wrap
  • 100 cardboard boxes (50 medium, 25 minor, and 25 large)
  • 1 roll of 30 meters of impact-reducing cardboard
  • 16 rolls of duct tape
  • Pen for writing on CD
  • Scissors
  • stiletto

However, it is essential to be aware that packaging varies greatly from change to change. These values ​​are approximate and will vary for each situation. If you have a lot of clothes, home furnishings, and kitchen utensils, you will need more boxes, but if you have more appliances or massive and delicate furniture, you will need more bubble wrap.

Don’t buy everything at once, and the idea is that you pack your belongings little by little and that way you can have a better sense of the quantity and of course not end the day exhausted. Another option is to look for companies that offer a return option if all the material is not used. This is not a very common option; however, some businesses have this advantage.

You can also hire a moving company, they will carry out all these steps, professional packing and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Where To Start

First of all, the first step is to define precisely what you will bring to the new house. This is an important step and will help you define which packages and the quantity needed for your move. The best way to organize your inventory is to record everything in a spreadsheet.

Thus, in addition to having a complete list, this control will also help you when requesting a quote for transport or even when requesting the complete service offered by moving companies, including the packaging itself, among other benefits.

Finally, if the idea is to make the packaging yourself and save a little more on your move, rest assured that this content by alliance moving and storage will help you.

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