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How to find the right interior design style for your home

 Moving into a new place might make us re-evaluate our previous interior design choices. That’s why finding the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics through designing the walls, floors, and furnishing our homes is the next step in personalizing your new place to its optimum potential. Still, without previous experience in decorating, you can’t help but wonder how to find the right interior design style for your home? For those of you who are not sure where to start, here are some experts tips that will help you choose and decorate the interior of your house.

Explore your state of mind

Exploring your state of mind and personal preferences is often the best tactic when making any significant decisions. After all, your home interior design should make you feel comfortable and satisfied. Thus, before researching potential choices, make sure to know your basic personal preference. The following questions will make you a step closer to find the right interior design style for your home:

  • What is your favorite color and why?
  • What kind of outfit do you prefer wearing? More comfortable or formal attire?
  • Do you like a more comfortable and cozy environment or open space concepts?
  • Do you admire traditional interior design styles more than modern ones?
  • Are you into patterns and textures, or you like clean forms more?

Take some time to think about the answers to these questions. They will give you a much closer image of your tastes. Furthermore, they will help you find which concept of apartment decoration to turn to.

Choosing the right color

Focusing on colors in your home is one of the most important decisions when creating your living space. Your entire house should be seen as a whole, where the colors will have a certain connection and meaning. Combining too many different palettes can create a misbalance not only in our home aesthetic but our lives as well. Colors around us affect our mood more than you know it. Therefore, before deciding what palette should be present in your interior design, think about what tones make you calm and happy.

No matter how great some wall or furniture color can look on home interiors you’ve seen in magazines and websites; it doesn’t mean it will work well for your space. We’re not only talking about your personal color preference. There are other influencing factors like position, size, and available natural light in your home that need to be evenly addressed.

Traditional vs. Modern interior design styles

Out of many exquisite interior designs, traditional and modern styles are the two most diverse concepts that define our everyday homes. With the modern design, the form and function are combined to create a clean and uncluttered look. However, the traditional style is all about the details, intertwining comfortable and classic features. Deciding which of these distinctive characteristics are more appealing to you will significantly narrow down the choice of styles for your home.

Also, it’s important to know that your old furniture doesn’t have to be opted out as a potential choice for your future design. It can always find a purpose in your new home after the relocation. According to professional movers from Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, a lot of their clients found great solutions when combining the old and new furniture in the same design. We can’t put a value on some items, like a family heirloom. Therefore, if being resourceful, we will find ways to make it work in our new living space.

Pattern, textures, and clean forms

Color provides an important base to build your desired style. However, patterns and textures have an equally significant part that will elevate the effectiveness of your design. Sometimes they can play a supporting role in the function of the space if our home has structural or decorative elements that are visually noticeable. They are a great way of making the place stand out tastefully. But also, they can create the “visual weight” by attracting too much attention to a design as a whole if we are not choosing more subtitle designs for it.

Therefore, when having certain textural features in your home, pay extra attention when deciding on style to match it. For example, the open space concept would fit great with such surfaces, since they are all about simplicity and accenting certain details like textures. The interior design like Minimalism is always in style, and it can be adapted to almost every home with enough light and smart use of space. Furthermore, playing with texture is one of the most significant features of interior design decoration.

Find your inspiration from different sources

The best way to find the right interior design style for your home is to do extensive research of available concepts and features each of them has. Opting for trending styles is always in, but you don’t want to rush to it. Some less popular designs might tickle your imagination. Using the internet, magazines, and other platforms, read about potential options. After you get the basic idea of what you like and don’t like, you can go to the next step – gathering a board of colors, furniture, and decorations that you like the best from different online sources. Having it all in one place, you can easily notice a pattern of your preferred style. That will help you focus on a more narrow choice. However, if you’re still having problems finding out the distinctive features of your style, hiring an expert is always an option.

Exploring luxurious vs. more affordable style options

Even though some of the most beautiful interior designs are luxurious, such style can often be out of our budget reach. However, expensive is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to interior design. You don’t have to buy the most expensive pieces of furniture in a famous salon. Instead, consider items that do not have the label of eminent brands. Your home furniture should be based on the shape, comfort, and way in which its design enriches the space. Sometimes the most sophisticated items in the room are the ones that “have a soul”. And we all know soul has no price tag.


When trying to find the right interior design style for your home you shouldn’t limit yourself strictly to one look. Discovering exactly what you like might take some time. Therefore, building up your style will evolve with every next step you take in your research. So don’t be discouraged if you like the designs with different features evenly. Sometimes, there are ways for combining them to make it work as long as we manage to maintain the tasteful and visually appealing effect of the place.

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