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How to Plant Vanilla

Growing your own herbs is a great idea if you like to season with fresh herbs–you can get a lot of herbs at a low price. Herbs are easy to grow, indoors or outdoors, in plant containers or above ground. All you need is plenty of sun, a moderate temperature, and a few other basic supplements.

There are several steps:

1. Sowing. The best time for sowing is early spring, when the weather is still cold and the growing season has not yet begun. This gives the seeds time to germinate and be ready to grow. When the weather starts to warm up, the vanilla will start to grow.

2. Prepare the container for seeds. You can grow herbs in any small container, such as seed trays, egg box, seed pots or small garden pots you can buy. Label the pots so they don’t confuse the herbs grown in the pots. Fill the container with soil, moisten the soil with a little water, and place the container in a warm, constant temperature of about 70 Fahrenheit degree. But in the early days, direct sunlight should not be allowed for long periods of time, or the seeds will become overheated.

Even if you want to grow herbs outdoors, it’s easier to grown them indoors first-because then you can control the water and light.

Most herbs germinate in a moist environment. If you live in an area where the air is dry, cover the soil lightly with plastic wrap for moisture–but don’t cover too tightly, the seeds need to breath.

3. Soaking the seeds can help the seeds to germinate. On the day of planting, place the seeds on a flat surface, sandwich between two damp towels, and soak for 4 hours.

4. Sow seeds. First take a look at the seed packaging to learn how different seeds are planted. Some seeds need to be spread evenly on the surface of the soil, while others can only germinate when they are buried in the soil. Within the next few weeks, the seeds will sprout and grow young leaves! Maintain a stable temperature and light, and keep the soil moist, never let the soil dry out.

5. Pick. Once the seeds start to sprout and grow young leaves, you need to pick and remove the ones that are not growing well, so that the ones that are doing well have plenty of room to grow. Remove stunted seeds and leave remaining seeds 2.5 cm apart.


Many growers go the extra mile to get well-drained soil and substrates. Edges of brick, wood, or stone are good mediums, and also allow for clear boundaries. The great thing about this building medium is that it’s easy to set up, and you can build it as quickly as you like – right on the grass. Pile 10-15 cm of soil suitable for the growth of herbs on each part of the ground, and the weeds below the soil will die due to lack of air and sunlight, decompose and become humus, adding organic matter to the soil. Cover with another 10-15 cm of mulch medium and remove any remaining weeds. Then a well-drained medium is ready! Adequate light and such a medium will allow herbs to thrive and prevent fungal decay, keeping them healthy. Dryness and heat promote the oil secretion in vanilla leaves for the best flavor.

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