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How your home benefits from a new eavestrough system

Without a doubt, everyone needs water. But as useful as water is, it could also cause damages to your property. From mold growth to pest infestation, rot, rust, and destruction of belongings, water can be one of your greatest enemies. However, you can prevent most of these things by installing a new eavestrough system for your home.

How does a new eavestrough system help your home?

When rain or snow is falling, your roof will be one of the biggest culprits. Nonetheless, it is essential to redirect the water somewhere else. Without a draining system, the water will continue to accumulate around your roof as well as the sides of your property. After some periods, the soil will be eroded by the accumulated water.  Of course, your foundation will suffer and the basement may be flooded.

However, with new eavestroughs, you can prevent these problems from occurring around your home. The eavestroughs will collect the rainwater falling off your roof and send it to the drain pipes. This ensures that water doesn’t accumulate around or get into your foundation. Apart from protecting your foundation, the eavestroughs guarantee that water doesn’t damage your home.

Do I need to install new eavestroughs despite having old ones?

You may be wondering why you should install a new eavestrough system when you have an old one. Foremost, old eavestroughs usually clog easily and quickly. This means the water will accumulate and then spill over the edge of the eavestroughs. As a result of this, the fascia, shingles, and other parts of your roof may be damaged by the spilled water.

Secondly, each eavestrough comes with an expected lifespan. In other words, your eavestrough is expected to expire and, as such, be replaced after some period. In addition, continuous exposure to snow, sun, rain, and other weather elements can further shorten the lifespan of your eavestroughs.

Here are some things that can tell you it’s time to replace your eavestroughs with a new eavestrough system:

  • They are sagging
  • They are leaking
  • They are showing rust holes
  • You can hear drips when it is raining
  • The quantity of water flowing in the drainpipe is lower than getting out of the seams of gutter
  • Icicles are hanging from the drip spots
  • They are too old or have experienced lots of wear and tear

When is the best time to install a new eavestrough system?

There is no wrong or right time to install a new eavestrough system. The condition of your existing eavestroughs and home should be the major determinants.

If the eavestroughs don’t expose your home to any risk, you can wait until you want to replace or repair your existing roof. Nevertheless, if you notice any sign that your eavestroughs have any issues, you should ask a professional to check it and assess its severity. Furthermore, the professional can help you to decide whether you have to install a new eavestrough system immediately or wait until you want to invest in roof replacement or repair.

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