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Installing a TV Outdoors During Home Upgrades? Here are 8 Tips to Consider 

Every homeowner fascinates about having a beautiful home. If you’re planning a home remodeling project to spruce the look of your space, your options are endless. There are various upgrades to consider, and an outdoor Tv should top your list. Sounds exciting? Ofcourse. This is one of the latest trends in home improvement and comes with numerous gains. However, simple installation mistakes can ruin the entire experience, and understanding how to do it right goes a long way. Do you want to install a TV outdoors and don’t know where to start? Check out ideas to guide you.

1. Choose an outdoor set.

 Most homeowners make mistakes when shopping for outdoor entertainment units. Some buy the standard TV sets, and this voids the warranty. Choose a suitable outdoor Tv unit; otherwise, you’ll spend a lot on repairs and maintenance. If you want to pick leading brands in the market, visit Furrion and sample the wide variety of entertainment units.

The professionals will help you choose the most suitable device and brand for your needs. Also, you’ll get an all-weather set that can withstand the outdoor environment. Common features of outdoor sets include;

·         Powder-coated aluminum to withstand rain, dirt, and snow.

·         Waterproofing qualities

·          Superior brightness heat& temperature resistance

2. Location is key!

 Location is an essential factor to keep in mind when installing an outdoor television. It determines the clarity, image quality of your set, and the number of viewers. For instance, a Tv mounted on the ceiling allows viewing by crowds. If mounting your Tv on the wall or a post, it should be away from direct sunlight and other weather elements. Also, it shouldn’t be near pool splashes or moisture.

3. Consider the mounting height.

 The mounting height will determine the number of viewers. You want your set to accommodate many people since you may host guests and parties from time to time. Mount it facing North and away from the fireplace. Have it at least six feet above the fireplace to prevent heat damage.

Also, consider a covered place to protect the device against elements and enhance its durability.

 If you don’t have shade available, consider mounting a lockable shelve, this will minimize the risk of theft and vandalism. Although most outdoor TVs are waterproof, choose the best location and height and have the set mounted by a professional.

4. The mount should be suitable for outdoor use.

Your choice of mount should be suitable for outdoor use. An indoor mount can deteriorate fast when being used outdoors due to extreme heat and moisture, and other weather elements. It will start looking odd and ruin the look of an otherwise great-looking Tv unit. Luckily, there are different sturdy outdoor mounts that you can use. These can withstand harsh weather and bulky weight associated with outdoor Tv sets.

 Avoid a drop-mount or ceiling mount if you mount your outdoor television in a windy area. Instead, go for an articulating outdoor-rated mount. It delivers a wider range on the viewing angle allows users to tilt the Tv in any direction.

5. Know your options

 You have two options when choosing a Tv for the outdoors. You can choose wireless or wired Tv sets. A wired connection is more reliable, but a wireless one makes your space look clean and more organized. Have a technician install the device to avoid damages if you go for the wired option.

Stash the cables behind the Tv set to ensure a clean look. Also, cover the wires and cables with a pipe to protect against weather elements. Similarly, if you choose the wireless option, a cable company will offer a compact cable box. Follow the user manual for instructions on how to set up the set.

6. Be keen on the cables.

Cables can wear easily when outdoors than when indoors. Just like other outdoor appliances, your cables will crack when exposed to elements, and you should choose ones rated for outdoor use with superior UV protection. A drip loop is an excellent option when we talk of outdoor cables. It’s suitable for outdoor Tv installation since it’s formed into a 180-degree loop which allows a space for water and moisture. This helps avoid water intrusion, which can cause damage to your unit.

7. Add speaker for volume control. 

 An outdoor television set competes with outdoor sounds and should feature quality sound. Ensure that your setup features a solid soundbar for amplifying the sound in the home exteriors. Without this, your Tv will be affected by noise from the crowd and the surroundings, and you won’t get the desired sound quality.

8. Planning goes a long way.

  Planning saves time and money during outdoor Tv installation. It allows you time to acquire all the necessary materials cables and hire an experienced Tv installation team. Also, planning will enable you to budget right and buy the most suitable Tv for your budget.

 Plan for proper wiring to avoid running new cables once the walls have been sealed. If there’s no adequate power in the installation spot, budget for this cost and include it in the planning stage. Nevertheless, planning takes time, and things like unpredictable weather are unavoidable.

Where can I get quality outdoor TVs?

Nowadays, most online stores stock high-quality Tvs and entertainment units. It’s wise to know what you’re looking for must-have features to ease the selection process. Search online and you’ll bump into many sites, ascertain the company’s credibility, and only buy from reputed dealers.

Moreover, seek recommendations from friends and colleagues on the best brands available. Search for customer reviews and purchase a product with many positive reviews. Compare different sites and settle for the best bargains. However, quality should be your first consideration, and you shouldn’t pay for substandard items.

Wrapping up

 Installing an outdoor Tv is one of the wisest ideas you can make during home upgrades. It’s an opportunity to revamp your outdoors and enjoy fun moments with people you love. It creates an additional living space outdoors where you can catch up with loved ones entertain guests s as you watch your favorite show. Search for superior quality TV sets from leading brands and pick the right size for your needs. Remember to seek help from the team to help in determining the most suitable device for your outdoor space.

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