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Installing New Doors in Your Home – Is This A Good Investment?

This article is written in collaboration with New Wave Doors – the leading provider of the New Wave Door System – An alternative to bifold doors in Bristol.

A lot of homeowners consider purchasing doors and windows when looking at a home improvement project. As they are a mid level investment compared to other products available on the market – they are often sought after in home improvement projects. Offering a wide range of benefits (some of which may surprise you,) there are a huge amount of benefits that you can expect when investing in new doors for your property. Whether you are looking for front doors or sliding external/internal doors – many homeowners are definitely getting a buzz when looking at new doors. But what are the benefits and should you invest in a new set of doors for your home? Read on to find out more!

Security is Becoming More Important for Homeowners

There’s no doubt that security is becoming more and more important because of the fact that thieves are becoming more advanced in their operations. Technology is a great thing however this means that technology to commit crimes is becoming more advanced. From stories of thieves blowtorching bifold doors to gain entry as well as stories of wireless keys and security systems being breached – there are serious risks to homeowners by thieves that are getting more and more advanced in their operations. The more advanced door systems on the market today have systems that match these issues and ensure that you are protected.

     Systems like the New Wave Door system (due to the fact that these are primarily used as external doors) have been designed with security in mind. Since release in 2004 – we have not had any reported cases of a door being breached by intruders.

     Locking mechanisms have become more advanced. This allows your door to have a front-line defence against intruders. You may even find that intruders won’t even bother if they identify that you have an advanced door system. They will be scouting for weaknesses in the security of your property.

Installing New Doors Looks Fantastic!

Some homeowners may be reluctant to make large visual changes to their property. It’s likely that doors that were installed in the past match the original aesthetic of the property. However, with RGB colour match options being available – you are able to match your new doors to perfectly match your property – to the letter. This results in the ability to replace your doors as well as make your property look fantastic too!

Environmental Impact as Well as Saving Money on Energy on Bills

Enviromental impact is becoming more and more important to homeowners. With an increased demand for sustainable products, products that are built to last and products that are more energy efficient – leading to lower energy costs (because of advanced glazing techniques for the glass areas of the doors and other aspects that keep hot air inside in the colder months and heat out in the warmer months.) With recent global events – it’s becoming more and more apparent that we are facing a potential global emergency and changes from the home all the way up to larger companies are all important factors in terms of enviromentalism.

There are a number of reasons as to why you may look to install new doors in your property. Whether you are concerned about the security of your home, want to improve the look of your house to increase its overall value or want more environmentally concious doors installed – there are many reasons to consider purchasing a door or set of doors. From internal to external doors – there’s a choice for everyone.

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