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Kitchen Benchtops Perth: 5 Benchtops to Install in Your Kitchen

Many families consider the kitchen as the heart of their home. It is undoubtedly the most visited room at home as it acts as the ideal area for reflection, gathering, and cooking. Because of the activity on this kitchen counter, selecting a benchtop material with care is essential. They choose sophisticated, premium stone finishes since they are looking for a little surface area.

Unique stone benchtops are naturally at the top of their choices, yet, some clever repairers use fabricated stone materials instead. This option enables you to get the same timeless beauty and durability at a reduced cost.

Your provider can assist you in getting the best quality kitchen benchtops Perth residents always dream of owning. In this article, we’ll go through the five countertop equipment you may use to get the aesthetic you want for your kitchen.

1. Natural Stone

Several natural stone materials, besides granite, may be used for kitchen benchtops. Travertine countertops are one option. They come in cream, walnut, beige, and ivory hues. They are an excellent decorative element for a kitchen since they are available in natural colours. Travertine benchtops are visually attractive and enable you to bring natural beauty into your kitchen.

Moreover, travertine benchtops are very resistant and durable to water and moisture. That being stated, you must ensure they are regularly cleaned and maintained. It slowly cracks when handled carefully. If they are damaged, you may easily replace them. Travertine slabs come in various colours and patterns so that you will discover something comparable.

You may also add a natural stone accent to your countertops for a one-of-a-kind look. Onyx is ideal for households with individual tastes. Its eye-catching colour makes it great for character-filled kitchens.

2. Granite

Granite is the most popular material for kitchen benchtops due to its durability, adaptability, and various applications. It is available in multiple designs, finishes, and colours and is heat-resistant, making it great for cooking. Each slab is unique, and the best provider has a large selection of granite in various styles, colours, and finishes. Ensuring that the material used for your benchtops reflects the mood you like to create is essential.

3. Engineered Stone

Engineered stone, often known as quartz, may provide you with the sophisticated aesthetic you want at a lower cost. Natural kitchen stone benchtops are carved from genuine granite or marble. Quartz aggregates with resin binder make engineered stone. Natural and manufactured stone countertops seem similar to the untrained eye.

But keep in mind that most slabs will appear the same. This is a drawback for homeowners who value the distinct character of natural stone. Engineered stone, conversely, ensures the kitchen’s surface components fit together perfectly. Also, this material requires a different amount of maintenance than natural stone. As a result, engineered stone benchtops Perth are a cheaper but fantastic option.

4. Porcelain

When you think of porcelain materials, you typically think of beautiful china. These two goods are made up of the same components. Also, they are manufactured in a somewhat similar way. They shape china clay or kaolin material into slabs or tiles while making porcelain benchtops. Next, they cover them with a coloured glaze and heat them to enhance their robustness and beauty.

Because of their particular sanitary features, porcelain countertops and benchtops are perfect for kitchen use. Yet, besides being ideal for indoor use, porcelain is an outstanding material option for outdoor benchtops due to its remarkable resistance to ultraviolet radiation, allowing it to keep its original surface for the future. In that sense, you can spend on porcelain benchtops for an outdoor kitchen with the confidence that they will look fantastic in your alfresco area for a lengthy period, increasing your property’s total value.

Several homeowners like this material because of its durability. Therefore, keeping porcelain surfaces clean may be relatively simple. They don’t even need to be sealed or refinished regularly. However, its pricing distinguishes them from other items. They are inexpensive and durable, making them an economical solution for kitchen benchtops.

5. Marble

Some homeowners seriously considering installing marble benchtops have encountered the same problem. You may also wonder if putting or using them is worth the upkeep and attention they need. After all, it is significantly softer when compared to some natural stones. If spills are not cleaned up immediately, they may etch the surface. It changes colour or acquires a patina due to natural oxidation.

Even with the disadvantages of marble, you can use it for your kitchen benchtops Perth. After all, its advantages exceed its drawbacks.

Marble, like granite, is heat resistant, making it excellent for use in the kitchen. It is also why marble is used for fireplace surrounds. This stone can withstand a certain amount of heat without deteriorating or cracking. Moreover, marble’s unique appearance will place your kitchen design distant from the competition. Considering that it is generated naturally, it contains patterns, lines, and cracks you’ll not find in any artificial stone product.

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Please do not hesitate to contact your ideal provider if you want to know the top solutions for your kitchen benchtops Perth. Their helpful sales representatives will gladly assist you in selecting the materials that will fit your budget and personal preferences.

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