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Life-Improving Dryer Features


Dryers are an indispensable part of everyone’s life. That’s why it’s a bother when they break down and leave the laundry in shambles. If you have a broken dryer, you can get it repaired by searching for “dryer repair near me” and hiring professionals for the job. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a new dryer, look out for the following life-improving dryer features.

The Features

  1. Dryer light – There are many occasions when you go to fold or transfer your laundry and can’t find one or more items of clothing. You waste your time searching throughout the room and sweeping through the house. Even when you enter your entire torso inside the dryer, you can’t seem to find those lost items. No matter what you do, there’s always one small item that’s missing after the laundry comes out dry.

Fortunately, modern times have modern solutions. You don’t need to grab a flashlight and a miner’s hat to search for your lost items. This isn’t a horror movie. Instead, you can get a dryer that has an internal light. An interior light is easy to install since companies only need to get a few decent quality LEDs and make some room for them inside the dryer. LEDs are tough and can handle high temperatures.

However, a lot of dryer companies are reluctant to add an internal light to their dryer. They are trying to save the last buck. However, that meager amount of cost saved leaves a bad taste for their customers. An internal light is a simple yet essential feature that brings a great quality of life improvement.

Make sure that your next dryer has an internal light. Some models even have internal lights that work like the one in your refrigerator. The light activates when you open the dryer door and deactivates when the dryer door is closed.

  1. Anti-vibration side walls – Dryers tumble around clothes at high speeds while tolerating the pressure build-up from the hot air. That creates a lot of noise and vibration. Most of that is isolated by internal padding and other such technology. However, there are few dryer companies that design their models considering sidewall vibrations. Dryers and washers are usually bought together with the intention of stacking them vertically or putting them in the same place horizontally.

While there’s a gap at the front and the back for the supply lines and exhaust lines, there’s almost no gap if the dryer is in a tight place almost flush against the sidewall. In that case, minute yet consistent vibrations can damage the dryer. That’s why you need to buy a model that has countermeasures to solve the issue. Some dryer companies add shock-absorbent material on the outside of the sidewall or design them in such a way that they can counter most of the vibrations by themselves.

  1. Wi-Fi Connectivity – Everything is apparently becoming smart and connected. From your phone and TV to your vacuum and even the dryer. That’s why you need Wi-Fi connectivity on your dryer. With that, you don’t need to wait around and monitor the wash cycles yourself before transferring the laundry to the dryer. Wi-Fi-enabled dryers can let you know when the drying cycle is over and a lot more.

For instance, LG and Samsung have dryer models that allow remote monitoring via an app on your smartphone and can also send you tips and alerts when necessary. They can also let you know when it’s the right time to replace certain components to keep your dryer working in perfect condition.

Some dryers even have built-in AI that can detect the laundry load and completely eliminate the guesswork. They automatically select the correct dry setting and complete a drying cycle without your intervention. Now that’s a feature that brings you very close to the vision of the future in those TV shows aired in the 60s and 70s.

  1. Sensors – One of the most awful experiences with a dryer is to get damp clothes after a full drying cycle. Some brands have managed to eliminate this problem with smart sensors. These sensors measure the moisture level inside the dryer and adjust the drying cycle accordingly. They optimally increase the drying time or temperature to deliver dry clothes every time.

Apart from that, this sensor can also decide the optimal setting for your dryer and change it as the need arises. This way, you can get a lot of savings instead of just making the dryer go through an extra drying cycle. Since energy consumption is reduced, you also get to leave a positive impact on the environment.

However, it doesn’t end with the drying times. Some models even have sensors that can detect detergent residues on your clothes. In that case, the dryer rejects the load and notifies you about the issue. This helps you put those clothes through the washer or get rid of the residue. Detergents and other residues can quickly damage your dryer and in severe cases, you may have to get major components replaced.  With those detergent sensors, that expense is avoidable.

  1. Heat Pump – Another underrated, yet life-improving feature is a heat pump. Unlike regular condensers and vented dryers, heat pump dryers reuse the hot air in a closed loop. This helps you to save as much as 50 percent on energy costs. That means you get perfectly dry clothes while paying less money on utilities.

Heat pump dryers are also more effective than regular dryers and can help you dry thicker items like towels, duvets, and other such items more easily and quickly. Moreover, heat pump dryers require no ventilation since they don’t release a lot of hot air in the room and have a small chamber for storing all the extracted moisture.


Dryers are amazing for many reasons. They allow you to dry your laundry quickly and efficiently. However, with the above-mentioned dryer life-improving dryer features, you get a lot more for your money. If your old dryer has broken down, you can buy a new one, or save thousands of dollars by searching for “dryer repair near me” and get it fixed by professionals.

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