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Looking For A Dorm Size Refrigerator? Check This Guide!

A dorm size refrigerator is compact, designed to serve basic needs of a fridge. You can have such refrigerators in a dorm room shared by many people, as your personal one. Of course, the use of dorm refrigerators extends beyond that. There are people who love to have an extra mini refrigerator in their house that’s easily portable or can be moved from one room to another. If you want to get a dorm size refrigerator, here is a guide that may come in handy.


Mini refrigerators, also called dorm refrigerators or compact refrigerators, can have different sizes, not exceeding 4.5 cubic feet. The smallest one would be just small enough to hold a few drinks. Depending on the intended use and purpose, you need to check the kind of refrigerator you need. For instance, if you are planning to take the refrigerator from one place to another for a BBQ party, or for traveling, you need a size as compact as possible.


Not all mini refrigerators have freezer, and this is definitely one of the first things to consider by all means. A dorm refrigerator with freezer will allow you to stock meats, frozen snacks and veggies, and other essentials like ice, so keep that in mind. We would recommend that you buy one with a freezer, provided the space is not a big constraint. On the other hand, if you have limited area for the refrigerator, take the measurements first and then place an order.


Today, some of the innovative brands have taken mini refrigerators to the next level. You can expect to get the best possible features even when the model is compact. When you look for a brand, check these features, and if possible, get a refrigerator that has a glass door, so that you can easily peep in. Warranty on the product is another aspect to consider. At the least, expect a 6-month warranty on the product.


If aesthetics matter, consider that before buying a mini refrigerator. Make sure that it works with the theme and décor of your home and will fit in where expected. Many people love bright colors in compact models, just to add an accent element, while metallic finishes are also in trend.

Go ahead and check for mini or dorm refrigerators online, and when you buy one, think of the features and design, rather than the price alone.

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