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Make Your Garden More Appealing To Potential Homebuyers

Amid the current housing market boom, there is substantial demand for properties with a garden. However, not any garden will do. In fact, as a number of homebuyers are looking to commit to a property before the end of the stamp duty holiday, as well as the housing bubble in general, only the most appealing gardens will make the cut. This means that overgrown gardens, those left unmanaged with potentially harmful results, are less likely to be purchased.

So, to ensure that your garden is sought after, as well as adding extra value to your sale, you need to take into considerations a number of factors. Many of these will be quick fixes, often involving the curtailing of growth, such as brambles, as well as the deterring of pests. However, to really help your garden to stand out, you will need to invest time and money. But don’t worry, each tip has the potential for an excellent return on investment.

Long Term Safety

As with the main property, a garden must be viewed with longevity. Potential buyers will likely use any potential structural damage to lower the home’s asking price or as a reason to pull out of the sale altogether. Gardens contribute to this concern, which is why your outdoor landscaping needs to be safe.

Ensure that boundaries are clearly defined, with materials free from decay, and that the soil handles rainfall well, preventing the dislocation of earth or cause of any flooding during extensive rainfall. Professional surveyors will often be able to highlight any potential issues and it is recommended that you seek their guidance before proceeding with a sale, or else risk a rebuttal when potential buyers hire their own inspector. It may also be worth identifying any flora within your garden space to ensure that it is not invasive nor poisonous.

A Little Luxury

Decadent assets, especially those that will encourage year-round use of the garden, such as log cabins, gazebos, and firepits, are incredibly valuable. They demonstrate that a garden has been both given a certain amount of potential by the homeowner while suggesting that it has also likely been often enjoyed. Such assets are increasingly common and are growing more affordable, so, now may also be just the right time to indulge in your own outdoor luxury.

An Area To Play

Part of the reason behind the current housing market bubble is a number of urban residents are looking to leave their city centre residences to move their families out of the city, supported by their new remote employee positions. As a result, homes that are family-ready will be the most desirable. If your garden isn’t in an ideal shape to allow for children to explore, then it’s time to get to work!

While playground equipment isn’t an essential purchase, ensuring that the land is clean and spacious is. Parents will be looking for a safe, enclosed space for their children to enjoy the outdoors, which means ponds and unstable land must be dealt with appropriately

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