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Mark Roemer Oakland Investigates How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Better Sleep


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, your sleeping environment has to look and work for its intended purpose so that you can sleep easily without any distractions. However, in most cases, people decorate their bedroom with all sorts of things apart from the decor they need for sleeping. To fix that, let’s check out how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep:

The Details

  1. Use thick blackout curtains – If you live in the suburbs, you are protected from the harsh light of the city’s nightlife and don’t have to suffer through the noise of fast and loud cars. However, most people in cities don’t have that luxury. Consider using thick blackout curtains in your bedroom to mitigate the problem as much as possible. They don’t just block light but act as excellent noise dampeners that can help you sleep better.
  1. Use color-changing lights – You are used to the bright and cold light that sets you up for productivity during the day. Moreover, small apartments with the work from home culture force you to change your bedroom into a workstation for most of the day. When it’s dark, you are still exposed to that bright white light that induces wakefulness and the small lamps may not help. That’s why you need to install color-changing lights in your bedroom so that you can get warm lighting in your room that slowly eases you into sleep.
  1. Get rid of junk – When your bedroom is cluttered with unwanted things, you have a lot of distractions that prevent you from sleeping. Clearing out the clutter can be of great help for sleep and also keeps you more organized. Get a basket or tray and keep it by the bed so that you can keep all the accessories, nooks, notepads, and other things hidden away from your sight before you go to sleep.
  1. Paint it dark – While soft muted colors work well to create a relaxing ambiance, a dark shade visually quietens the ambiance. When you browse your phone or computer and have a dark theme, your eyes are at ease, and you feel more relaxed. Think of painting the walls dark as your bedroom permanently going dark mode. For a unified and calming look, you can also change other textures and colors in the room, from the bed frame and side stand to wall hangings to a dark hue. 
  1. Add a bit of green – Research suggests that being around plants helps humans to calm down and invokes tranquility. You can do the same for your bedroom to help you relax. Even if you aren’t a plant person and don’t like the extra work and maintenance that comes with houseplants, you can bring in varieties that don’t need all that care.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these decor ideas to mold your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment. Apart from the tried-and-true formula of soft color tones and lack of electronics, you also need to bring these changes for promoting better sleep.

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