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Are you still using your dining table as your home office? Well, it is time for a makeover. Many homeowners usually have minimal choices when starting with a home office, maybe due to lack of enough space or equipment, which is acceptable. It allows for a quick and affordable start-up, but it can affect your productivity, which is why you should work towards creating a comfortable home office space. Your home office design impacts your energy and productivity. It would be best if you considered designing a perfect home office that boosts your morale and productivity.

Lets us start with the basics, one of which is how to arrange your office desk. Your home office desk needs to suit your space, budget, working needs, and aesthetically complement your office space. Click here for office refurbishment ideas and read on to get insights about desk layout designs you can recreate for your home office.

The traditional desk

A simple desk will do just fine if you are starting out with your home office, have limited space, or prefer a minimalistic design. You may also opt for the simple desk if you have no funds yet to outsource elaborate office furniture.  You can even use a table, but if you can get one with drawers, the better to keep it clutter-free. You can place it perpendicular to a wall or in front of a window for views. Regular office desks have no limitations as long as you are comfortable with the place.

A desk with bookshelves

If you have limited resources and still need to keep your office items close, a desk with a bookshelf or a hutch will work perfectly. It takes the design of the traditional office desk but gives you more functionality. A desk with a hutch takes up any vertical space, so you need to place it against the wall. If that is not affordable, you can also opt to buy a cheaper bookshelf and fix it over your desk.

An L-shaped desk

If you want to spread out or need many resources to be near your reach, an L-shaped desk is a good option. An L-shaped desk can sit well in the corner of the room facing the window, or you can be creative and place it strategically to form a V-shape. You can also recreate your L-shaped desk using a table and an existing desk or by using two desks.

T-shaped desk

If you have a partner with whom you will share the office desk simultaneously, a T-shaped desk is suitable. It forms two working stations, and you can create a hutch or fix bookshelves above the T to give you more storage space.

The U-shaped desk

If you want a more significant command center, you can settle for the U-shaped desk that creates three working stations; one in the middle and one on either side. It takes a lot of space, but it gives you a bigger working area to place several monitors. You can easily roll with your chair to switch your working space.

The galley deck design

The galley desk design is merely placing two desks in a parallel position and the chair in the middle. You can use both as working stations, or you can use the back desk for storage.


With the various desk design layouts, you can recreate a nice home office that suits your space, budget, and working needs.

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