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Prepare a Business Plan – Business Strategy Components

Who do you want to help or serve with your business? What problems or problems are solved by your product or service? What is the composite of your target audience member profile? What do these questions do the questions with business planning?

Start planning

All questions above need to be answered directly or indirectly in some parts of the plan that identifies your business strategy. At some point, the plan needs to be detailed as possible and written even if it was not written at first. A record needs to be made from ideas that are tried unsuccessful because of market time or lack of resources.

Start the expanded checklist from the summary of the executive summary. On the checklist, make sure you enter the information needed for the funding source. The information needed to make the decision to start, develop and grow a business must also be included. “As a text that represents a particular organizational strategy, the strategic plan is of course specific to the organization, but the idea of ​​having generic quality that attracts joint institutional understanding of what the text should be like that (substance), how it should be structured (the shape) and what is meant To achieve (communicative purposes) “(Cornut, Giroux & Langley, 2012, 22). Keep in mind that the time spent in business planning can make a difference between successful business efforts and one struggle and finally fail. Be prepared to do research to find the necessary information. Remember if all you do is copy what other people do, you might risk ending with only the level of success of others.

CEO’s personal brand identification to ensure that it is in line with the business brand. Vision and mission must show their relationship with target market in cohesive marketing messages on the web and in print materials such as letters, letterhead and business cards.

Plan Inclusions.

The main copy of the business plan will include information and parts that may not contain in other versions for several audiences. The aim of having a plan that includes everything is creating resources to be shared with certain audiences for certain purposes at the right time. There may be a risk in sharing the entire plan to the wrong audience. Therefore, it is necessary to cut some information from the plan according to the intended audience.

Work in process

Business plans from developing businesses are expected to have forever change to reflect current business operating activities based on what ideas have been tried and adjusted as well as possible to serve company stakeholders. When a business plan stops being a changing document, this business is endangering to stop the growth process and its development.

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