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Restaurant and Food Service Disinfection with Germ Hero

If there is one thing we as a nation can all agree on, it is our love of food and dining out at our favorite hot spots. From those quirky first dates to graduation, birthday, and anniversary dinners, food brings us together. Naturally, restaurants often serve as hosts for these and regular, daily type events.

Pandemic or not, restaurant sanitation and decontamination of grocery stores and other food fueled businesses is a necessity.  To keep the public safe from unnecessary, harmful germs, thorough decontamination should be done on a regular schedule.

Why is Disinfection So Important in the Food Industry?

 It is no secret that we are facing the threat of a severe virus, seemingly with no end in sight. As restaurants, grocery stores, and school cafeterias return to regular, electrostatic spraying is the only way to be sure you have eliminated every potential health threat. At Germ Hero, we are proud to disclose our 99.99% disinfection rate. From germs to pathogens, virus, cold, flu, and harmful bacteria, thousands trust us because they have seen the results firsthand. Without disinfection services from a reputable company like Germ Hero, there is no guarantee those eating in your building are protected.

From cooks and hosts to waitstaff and customers, the number of people that facilitate the foodservice industry is extensive. With so many shared surfaces from tabletops to menus and touch screens, common illnesses like E. Coli and Staph infection linger.

When customers sit and proceed to eat finger foods, shared appetizers, and use silverware, it is easy for these germs to spread. When you factor in Coronavirus, the likelihood of illnesses spreading rampant becomes more threatening. Finally, the fact that we cannot always trust our fellow public to respect health restrictions, the necessity for restaurant decontamination becomes apparent.

Electrostatic Spraying for Complete Restaurant Disinfection

While wet and dry dusting is excellent for day to day upkeep within the food industry, it is only the baseline for cleanliness in the food industry. Germ Hero provides electrostatic spraying restaurant disinfection services that kill 99.99% of all germs, bacteria, and more. Using state of the art equipment and internally tested, EPA certified solutions, we spray even the hardest to reach surfaces. Indiscussing the food industry, it is also important to note that our solution is safe even on food surfaces, decontaminating with no need for wiping or ventilation.

Our restaurant disinfection services not only leave you with a sanitized building but with proof of our thorough decontamination process via a Germ Hero plaque. Our plaque is perfect for display within your building, showing your customers you took the step to provide a safe and sanitary environment. With weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly restaurant disinfection options, we work around your schedule to provide you with the service you need to stay open. Visit our site or give us a call to receive a free quote and get started on your journey toward a thoroughly disinfected space that is safe for dining.

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