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Should You Swim In A Green Swimming Pool?

Maintaining swimming pools, private or public, is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety of users. Among the major concerns of most pool owners is the infestation of algae. It is common to find algae pores in your pool water and the surest way of avoiding this is to maintain your pool properly by monitoring the water’s pH levels regularly.

If your pool has grown algae already, you must learn how to clean a green swimming pool to save you from the agony of repairing your damaged pool and also, know some of the possible health implications of swimming in a green swimming pool as indicated below.

  • Skin Problems

Skin infections are the most popular health conditions of green swimming pools. The common green algae are not harmful but the bacteria feeding on them is. When you get exposed to algae with bacteria, the infectious pathogens can cause skin rashes and breakouts which expose you to severe complications.

A swimming pool services contractor can assist you to improve your water conditions and manage algae using chemical and mechanical means. Whether your pool is big or small, a professional technician can find appropriate ways to clean the pool for you.

  • Physical Injuries

Algae are somehow slippery and this causes swimmers to fall resulting in bruises, bumps, cuts, or even fractures. Do not swim in an algae-infested pool. Apart from physical injuries, such a pool brings higher dangers of drowning for amateur swimmers or anyone who falls unconscious.

  • Poor Visibility

Algae can obscure your pool’s clarity substantially. For instance, in drowning accidents, instant notice and recovery go a long way to improve the prospects of saving a victim. Nonetheless, when a pool is not clear due to algae, it becomes hard to know whether someone is fighting to swim underneath or fell unconscious. Keep off cloudy swimming pools avoid drowning or other accidents.

  • Bacterial Infections

Swallowing water that has algae and bacteria can bring diarrhea, fever, and other symptoms linked to having an infection. Bacterial growth and spread are caused by warm, still water. Swimming in a green pool can also cause eye infections, together with other diseases that infected people can spread either indirectly or directly. These pathogens can quickly spread in water with a lot of algae.

Bottom Line

Were you pondering whether it is okay to swim in an algae-infested swimming pool? If so, you have now learned that swimming in a green pool is a dangerous venture. Ensure to observe your pool water chemical levels regularly and be conversant with the procedure of how to clear a green swimming pool.

 You can as well seek the inputs of a professional swimming pool services provider to lessen the burden of properly maintaining and vacuuming your swimming pool on your own.

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