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Some Of The Important Tips On How To Clean The House

By spending more time at home during the coronavirus quarantine, you may become even more annoyed by the mess and dirt. To avoid drowning in the cleaning, euromaids have proved that it is possible to keep order in the.

  1. One Room At A Time

Divide cleaning by room and make a list of what should be done in each room. “Schedule each day of the week for something different; for example, twice a week, you take 15 minutes to sweep the house and pick up the scattered mess. Once a week, you take it out to clean up in the bathroom and bedroom; once a week, you do some work in the kitchen.

  1. Face The Mess Before Cleaning

If the mess is too big, put anything out of place in a bag. When you have more time, keep saving item by item. In the bathroom, put the towels to dry and take out the trash. In the kitchen, wash the dishes, clean the sink, the stove, and keep the cabinets in order. Make the bed and put away your clothes and shoes in the bedroom. In the service area, put the dirty clothes in the washing machine and remove the dry ones from the clothesline.

  1. Dust And Wipe Clean

In all rooms, dusting and wiping with a damp cloth makes a big difference – and always in this order to make cleaning easier! Wiping the floor with a cloth is a quick task, which can be done more than once a week to maintain hygiene and prevent dust accumulation. The exception is for homes with pets, which deserve more frequent cleaning.

  1. Find The Best Time For You

The best times are when we have more energy, whether in the morning or at night. The ideal is to set aside a few minutes and, thus, take only one day a week to carry out heavy cleaning, doing maintenance on other days. The important thing is to clean the house in a good mood!

  1. Make The Task Enjoyable

Put on upbeat music while you do your work and reward yourself later, like doing your nails, taking a relaxing bath, or “meeting” your friends virtually. That way, you won’t even feel the time pass. Not to mention that seeing the house tidy and clean is already a reward according to euromaids

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