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The Complete Guide to Buying Wood Chippers

Before purchasing wood chippers, you must first pick the brand, kind, power, and cost you want to spend. You may better comprehend all the benefits, drawbacks, and other aspects of buying a wood chipper for sale with the assistance of this comprehensive buying guide.

Gardening and yard work can be sluggish and tiresome, and they are oftentimes not worth putting in the time. You are left every year with an excess of leaves, bare branches, and the unpleasant chore of gardening cleanup. What should I do with the leaves or branches? We have a straightforward option for you—buy wood chippers!

A wood chipper takes care of your branches, leaves, and hedges while also giving you a priceless resource in the form of chippings and shredded leaves that are excellent for use in composts and leaf moulds.

What Exactly Is a Wood Chipper?

Tree trunks, limbs, and branches are chopped into chips using a wood chipper. Wood chippers can drastically reduce the amount of time, labour, and money needed to complete forestry work because trucks can handle a lot more weight when the wood has been cut down in this way.

Chippers are mobile, placed on wheels, and used in conjunction with chip trucks. They are trailed behind the chip trucks. Trucks might be equipped with a higher-grade chipper that can handle big projects. These models usually also include a hydraulic crane.

Using a safety collar, chunks of wood and brush are put into a hopper, where they glide into the cutting mechanism. The wood is subsequently discharged via a funnel as chips into the dump bin of a chip truck. The configuration used on the chipper determines the size of each individual chip.

Different Kinds of Wood Chippers

A few different chipper models are available for both residential and professional use. A chipper shredder is probably the domestic appliance you should choose if you want a terrific all-purpose instrument for any kind of wood.

Fuel-Powered Chipper

A gasoline wood chipper is generally your best option if you have a significant amount of both hard and softwood to process. Petrol engines are generally better for tougher branches since they can generate more power than a battery-powered one can. Furthermore, you’ll make a finer chip if the drum spins more quickly.

It’s also generally better to be able to take your chipper right to the fallen leaves and branches if you have a good number of acres. When using an electric model, your options are constrained by the length of the extension cord. We don’t advise going over 10 metres because the chipper would simply lose too much power.

Simply put, if you frequently need to handle heavy-duty chipping duties, get a petrol wood chipper. Choose an electric wood chipper if you only plan to utilise your chipper once or twice every year for lighter applications.

Electric Chipper

An electric chipper is usually compact and lightweight. They are really simple to store and move around, thanks to the small frame. With an electric chipper, all you have to do to start using it is connect it to an outlet. Petroleum and oil are not a concern. Additionally, since there would be no need for oil, you could run your chipper within your garage without concern for exhaust fumes.

Nevertheless, you do need to consider where you want to utilise your equipment. Be aware that you might require an extension cord if you want to employ it in the garden. The power loss of the wood chipper increases with the length of the extension cord.

An electric typically requires less electricity but also fewer repairs. Also, being emission-free and quiet are other advantages of electric chippers.

What Features Should a Wood Chipper for Sale Have?

Here are the most important features of a wood chipper for sale:


You will be considering the horsepower that the wood chipper can generate when choosing its power. It is hard to predict how much horsepower you will need, but it varies on the sort of wood you plan to chip in and the style of the drum the chipper uses. If you’re chipping wood that has been sitting around for a while, you probably want a chipper with more power.

Feed Capacity

When buying a wood chipper, the feed capacity is one of the most crucial things to take into account. The amount of wood that the chipper can efficiently process depends on the feed capacity. The diameter of the branches should be carefully compared to the wood chipper you are considering purchasing.

For instance, if your branches are 4 inches in diameter, you should choose a chipper with a capacity of up to about 90mm. Typically, if you’re purchasing a wood chipper for residential use, you won’t need one with a capacity of more than 100mm. This is due to the fact that branches larger than this can frequently be used for log burners without being chipped down.

What Kind of Storage Space Do You Need for the Wood Chipper?

Where will you choose to keep your chipper? From the minI chipper series, which is shorter than the usual wheelbarrow, to a commercial-sized chipper, which is frequently the size of huge trailers, chippers come in a variety of sizes.

You should think about where you’ll store your chipper and how much space you actually have in your garden.


When purchasing a chipper, the warranty is a significant consideration. If something were to go wrong with your machine, you want to be sure you could have it fixed without paying more money. Nevertheless, you must consider the service offered in addition to the guarantee.

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