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What Are Different Types Of Piling Methods

A Pile foundation is one of the most critical ways that ensure the structure has a sturdy foundation. The piling is used for different reasons, such as when soil is unstable, there is moisture in the ground and the presence of water under the construction area. The piling method is used by piling contractors depending upon the environment and needs. Here the different types of collecting foundation methods are given below:

Bored Piling

Bored Piling involves making holes in the ground and then pouring concrete to cast the pipe properly. The most crucial benefit of bored piling is that it releases into position, leaving the piles safe and secured. The bored piles are used for less vibration compared to other piling methods.

Driven Piles

The workers must dedicate a lot of force to installing the driven piles into the ground. The driven Piles are generally used in non-cohesive soil, and soil with many contaminants is typical.

Timber Piles

The use of timber piles is one of the oldest piling methods. The timber piles are pre-cast off-site and then installed using the driving method. Timber piles are an economical choice and one of the most efficient solutions for piling.

Steel Piles

The steel piles are installed with impact and vibration that easily penetrate through soil and rock. The workers give it various sizes and shapes depending on the project.

End Bearing Piles

In the piles that bear the load at the end that are at the bottom, the lower end of a bank is an area of dirt and rocks. It carries the weight of the entire structure and transfers it onto the muscle layer in the ground. Therefore, it is possible to say that the Bearing Piles can also function as columns. The pile’s purpose is to transfer the soft fur layer to the muscle layer, making it more secure.

CFA Piling

CFA Piling refers to continuous flight augering, also known as cast piling. Significant advantages of CFA piling include vibration-free and quietest form or piling, which makes it ideal for sensitive areas. The CFA piling is the only accepted piling method by the government that eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

When To Use Pile Foundation

  • Pile foundation applies when the groundwater table is high
  • When a heavy load is imposed
  • This is a more cost-effective method than other methods.
  • When the soil is too much compressible
  • Soil excavation is not up to the desired depth.
  • It gets challenging to keep the foundation trenches dry.
  • It has a canal or serious drainage problem near the structure.


These all are the different types of piling and their specifications. I hope you enjoyed the article. So, consider your situation and send your query to the piling contractors per your need. Hopefully, they will guide you in the best way.

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