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What Could Happen if You Don’t Receive Emergency Tree Removal in North Carolina

Emergency tree removal in NC is an essential thing for homeowners, but a lot of people don’t understand the effects of not getting emergency tree removal. It’s crucial for homeowners to know the signs of needing emergency tree removal, but also it’s essential to know what negative effects can happen if you don’t receive emergency tree removal. We’re going to go over all you need to know about emergency tree removal in North Carolina so that you’re better prepared for what’s necessary. Let’s go over the most important signs to watch out for that can indicate that you need emergency tree removal in Burlington NC.

Signs That You May Need Emergency Tree Removal

First off, it’s important to know the signs of needing emergency tree removal. This is because all homeowners should really know what the dangers are of having a tree that needs removal, as well as knowing the signs to get things taken care of as soon as possible. 

The Tree is Diseased

One reason to get emergency tree removal is if the tree is diseased and clearly looks diseased. This is because diseased trees can be extremely weak, so it’s common for them to fall easier or break easier. Also, diseased trees can actually transfer their sickness to your healthy trees. 

Leaning Tree

A tree that’s leaning heavily can be a cause for concern because they’re more likely to fall. These leaning trees should definitely be removed before they end up falling completely. 

Trees Too Close 

Trees that are too close to certain areas must be removed. For example, if a tree is too close to your house then the roots can actually cause issues for wiring and piping underground for your home. Trees that are too close to power lines also must be removed. 

A Fallen Tree

A fallen tree is one of the biggest reasons to get emergency tree removal in NC. This is because a fallen tree can be in the way and it can also cause problems if left there. It’s best to get a fallen tree removed as soon as possible. 

Dying Trees

Trees that show visible signs of them dying need to be removed. Dying trees are much weaker than healthy trees and it’s almost certain that they will eventually have falling branches or the tree may fall. 

What Happens If You Don’t Receive Emergency Tree Removal?

There are a lot of things that can happen if you don’t get emergency tree removal when you need it. Of course, these situations are based on the original problem at hand. However, we recommend always getting emergency tree removal because it is essential when coming across situations where they’re needed. Let’s look at some of the things that can happen if you don’t get emergency tree removal right away. 

A Tree May Fall

One of the biggest concerns is that the tree will fall. Dying, diseased, and leaning trees all have the possibility of falling. It’s important to keep trees from falling because they can cause a lot of damage and huge injury if someone is in the way of the fall. They’re also quite unpredictable, so keeping them from falling is impossible unless you remove them. It’s always best to remove a tree that could cause serious injury or danger to those around it. 

Diseased Trees

Diseased trees should be removed if they’re showing visible signs of disease. This is to protect the rest of your healthy trees since the disease can most definitely spread. This can be harmful to every single tree in the vicinity of a diseased tree, which can make things much more difficult as every diseased tree will then need to be removed. This can be very expensive and time-consuming. 

Damages or Power Outages 

If the tree is simply growing too close to certain areas such as your home or a power line, then it’s best to get it removed to avoid future problems. Although the tree may not be causing harm right at that moment, it can cause harm in the future. For example, a tree that’s growing too close to your home might seem harmless now, but if it’s left there then its roots can cause harm to your wiring or piping that leads to areas of your home. If a tree is close to a power line, then this can affect the actual power running. Not only can it cause power outages, but it can also cause fires if the right circumstances arise. Not to mention a tree close to power lines in a storm can cause even more power outages and possible branches or trees falling directly on the power line. 

The Bottom Line 

Overall, the consensus is that emergency tree removal in North Carolina is always essential. If you notice any signs such as those above then you might need to call for emergency tree removal. The negative effects that can come when not going with emergency tree removal can be more expensive, time-consuming, and stressful than if you’d gone through with the tree removal at first. If you’re looking into emergency tree removal in NC, just be sure to contact them as soon as you notice a problem.

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