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What Stones Are The Best To Be Used?

The rollers’ jade, despite the name, can be made with many different stones. Some are better known, and some are harder to find. As for the benefits, they are distinct both in the energy field and in the mineral properties of each one of them. Rose quartz has manganese in its formation, and jade has sodium and aluminum silicate, for example.


The jade scroll is one of the most used, so much so that it is often used to refer to any other scroll. And it’s not by chance: royal figures, temples, and leaders have always been adorned with this stone. There are many shades of jade, but the scrolls are usually made with greenstone, which carries almost all the energies of the other colors (except red jade). It is excellent for calming and balancing the nervous system of the mind and skin. Although the stone is cold, it retains heat and is suitable for oily skin and acne.

Rose Quartz

Another widely used stone is rose quartz, known for being the stone of love and infinite peace. Its power is to calm emotions and awaken good feelings for life. Thus, it energetically strengthens blood pressure and gives shine and light to the skin.

Transparent Quartz

In addition to rose, we also have clear quartz or commonly called crystal. It is indicated to harmonize energies, purify them and amplify them.


The amethyst has potent protective energy and can transform negative energy into good vibes. It has the same effect on the skin, purifying the layers and promoting detoxification.

Tiger Eye

The tiger’s eye stone is charged with very positive energies; it neutralizes any negativity present. It is ruled by the sun and brings a lot of light and heat. Its main benefit is the strengthening of skin tissues.

How To Use It?

The best thing is to massage with the roller every day, both in the morning and at night. Always make gentle movements from the bottom to the top and from the inside to the outside. Rollers help with the absorption of moisturizers, serums and are great alternatives to use along with facial tissue masks.

It’s also nice to leave your roll in the fridge before using it so that the effects will be more effective due to the temperature. Cold stones Established in 1952, Stone Center has been a leader in the Ohio area are most effective in contact with warm skin. It’s like when we wash our face with ice water, you know?

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