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What type of windows are the most energy efficient?

The energy efficiency of your windows and doors is determined by how well they perform for insulation and temperature regulation. When it comes to determining energy efficiency, the material and quality of the windows go a long way. If you are looking for a window replacement or installing a new one for your home, it is best to get an energy efficient window. Here are some of the most energy efficient types of windows.

1. Low emissivity (Low-E) windows

With low emissivity metal coating on the outside of window panes, Low-E windows are spectrally selective, which means that only short wave radiation gets into your home. During cold weathers, Low-E windows have great thermal performance because they can reflect heat into your home and during summer, they are perfect for blocking ultraviolet and infrared light rays from the sun to prevent your house from getting too hot. Low-E windows are a great choice of energy efficient windows because they regulate temperature and maintain efficiency easily.

2. Double and Triple glazing

Windows with two or three panes of glass are another energy efficient option to consider. Double or triple glazing creates another layer of insulation that contributes to the energy efficiency of your windows. The multiple panes of glass are departed by gas, in most cases Argon is used, and that helps with their efficiency. Asides the obvious energy saving benefits, double and triple grazing can amplify the security function of your windows, reduce dampness, and manage noise control from outside your home.

3. Hinged Windows

The basic design of hinged windows focuses on their ventilatory benefits but they also serve an energy efficient purpose. Since hinged windows, like casement and hopper windows, open outwards, rather than slide open and closed, there is lower air leakage and that improves insulation. Also, they are closed, the single sash fits firmly on the frame of a hinged window. With hinged windows, it’s really the best of both worlds -ventilation and energy efficiency.

4. Rated Windows (ENERGY STAR®)

If you are specifically looking for windows marketed primarily for their energy efficiency benefits, rated and certified windows are where you should go. ENERGY STAR windows are government-certified and the moment you see an ENERGY STAR logo, you know it’s definitely a higher efficiency window and you’re getting your money’s worth.

5. Laminated Glass Windows

These windows are made from three panes of glass with two panes sandwiched in a tough polyvinyl butyral interlayer. It features insulating glass with a Low-E coating made from two layers of thermal protection that protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays but still allows natural light in. Laminated glass windows perform the same functions as low-E and double glazing so if you are looking for a great choice for energy efficiency, they are another option to check.

These energy efficient windows are capable of insulating your home and managing your cost of power consumption. Hire a windows and doors company for window replacement to any of these energy efficient window options for a better living experience

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