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What You Need to Know About Homeschooling Your Kids

Homeschooling has been around since the beginning of human history where in the beginning homeschool was the only way children gained knowledge. With the invention of standardized education it gave children a better basis of knowledge to continue on with life. Homeschooling nowadays is dictated by local curriculum. This means that while homeschooling is an option it doesn’t disadvantage kids because they are learning the same information that their peers that are enrolled in a traditional public school education are. Because of this homeschooling has become enormously popular for close knit families, families with children that may be odd by societal standards, or those simply looking for a safer option of education in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having the option to keep those close to you safe and out of harm’s way has been an increasing reason why more and more people are opting for homeschooling. Below are some helpful things you need to know about the homeschooling process as well as what you need to know about adopting the role of a teacher for your kids.

How to begin homeschooling

This question is rather difficult as the requirements for each state are different. The main thing you will first want to figure out is whether or not you want to homeschool or have your child do online school. The main difference is that online school provides the curriculum and lessons through teachers online. This is a great option for parents that want their children at home but do not feel that they will be able to sufficiently teach their child to the standards that are required. Online school still requires a lot of work on the part of the parent to ensure your child is on top of their work. Parents also need to be there to ensure that any areas of clarification your child needs are menant. The other option is straight homeschooling where the parents are the sole teacher for their child. This option is great for parents that feel that they can take on the responsibility of handling their child’s education. Although this option requires a lot of work it enables parents to tailor their child’s education to their specific needs. 

The importance of a schedule

Creating a daily routine may seem like it is not that important but when embarking in home education it is perhaps the most important thing to do. The main reason for this is it is easy to merge the lines of home and school life when schooling from home. Creating specific designated times for school will ensure your kid is not constantly in school and that they are able to relax at the end of the day. A schedule is also important as a parent because it allows you to create lesson plans or figure out certain activities that can accompany the curriculum. Scheduling also ensures that there is time for lunch and other breaks to give your child a little ease of mind.

Utilizing additional resources

While homeschooling and online school have their benefits there are some ways in which a public education is better. Two of these are by facilitating peer communications and by having hands on interaction with experiments and field trips. These can be supplemented through additional educational resources and supplemental websites. These sites attempt to bridge this gap by giving students interactive activities and message boards where they can communicate and learn from peers. These services are more focused on getting the student engaged and interested in the topics being discussed. Some even have interest groups that students can join to be a part of like minded peers that enjoy the same subjects. Through this these sites are able to bridge the social gap that could possibly be experienced by the homeschooled or online schooled student. In times of uncertainty it is important to ensure your child is still receiving a quality and sociable experience even when we are unable to be face to face. By adding these supplemental services you are enabling your child to be sociable while also remaining safe at home away from others and practicing social distancing. 

Overall homeschooling is a large feat to take on. Both child and parent need to be diligent and ensure they are both prepared for the work ahead. Ensuring you do research and asking other homeschooling parents is the first step you should take before considering transitioning to homeschool. Once you have learned everything it will take commitment, hard work, and dedication to make homeschooling work. By deciding the kind of homeschooling you wish to do, creating a schedule, and utilizing the available resources you set yourself and your child up for a successful school year. Homeschool is not easy but the effectiveness of a home education is what you put into it. The more planning you do the better off your child’s education will be at home. 

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